Sumatran Gayo Coffee
The Sumatran Gayo Coffee can be described as sweet and clean. This coffee has been recognized by the international coffee community for its high quality, which ranks it among the best coffees in the world. It can be described as...
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Tanzania AA Coffee
The Tanzania AA Coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. This coffee is AA, which is the highest grade of beans from the crop.   Certifications: Kosher Certified UTZ Certified Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Light Milk Chocolate, and Stone Fruits Processing:...
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Toraja Sulawesi Coffee - White Eagle
The Toraja Sulawesi "White Eagle" Coffee is grown on the oldest original Toraja trees, which are similar to the older trees found in remote Ethiopia. Many of these trees are from the original farmers that began the cultivation processes on the island,...
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Yemen Coffee, Haraaz AA
Yemen Coffee, Haraaz AA is the world's oldest cultivated coffee and is characterized by its full body, winy cup, and chocolate overtones. This coffee is grown in mountainous regions at altitudes exceeding 4,500 feet by small farmers in the mountains of Haraaz. ...
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