Coffee By Process

At Volcanica Coffee Company, we celebrate the rich diversity of coffee processing methods that contribute to the wide array of flavors and aromas in our collection. Each coffee undergoes a unique journey from harvest to cup, shaped by the chosen processing technique. Join us as we explore the different process coffees, from the bold and fruity natural process to the nuanced and refined washed process and discover the world of taste that awaits in your coffee cup.

Natural Process Coffee

The natural process coffee, also known as the dry process, is an ancient method where coffee cherries are laid out to dry naturally under the sun. This process allows the beans to absorb the sweetness and vibrant fruity flavors from the ripe fruit. Natural process coffees often boast bold berry, dried fruit, and wine-like notes, celebrating the unique terroir of their origin.

Washed Process Coffee

In the washed process, freshly picked coffee cherries undergo meticulous washing to remove the outer fruit layer. The beans are then dried to the desired moisture content. This method highlights the coffee's intrinsic characteristics, resulting in a clean and bright cup with balanced acidity and subtle nuances. The majority of the Volcanica Coffees are washed process.

Honey Process Coffee

The honey process coffee strikes a balance between the natural and washed methods. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are carefully depulped, leaving a portion of the sticky mucilage intact. As the cherries dry, this retained mucilage infuses the beans with a luscious sweetness and complex flavor profile.

Anaerobic Coffee

Anaerobic Coffee is an innovative fermentation technique where coffee cherries undergo a controlled fermentation process in an oxygen-free environment. This method enhances the coffee's complexity, creating unique and intense flavor profiles, often bursting with fruit-forward notes.

Each coffee processing method offers a distinct taste adventure. From the bold and vibrant flavors of natural process coffees to the clean and refined taste of washed coffees, and the sweet and complex profiles of honey process and anaerobic fermentation coffees, there is a coffee to suit every palate.

At Volcanica Coffee Company, we take pride in offering you a diverse selection of coffees from volcanic regions worldwide, each processed using one of these unique methods. Our expertly curated collection invites you to explore the artistry of coffee processing and experience the captivating flavors from different origins.

Coffee processing is an art that reveals the full potential of each coffee bean, offering a world of flavors to explore. At Volcanica Coffee Company, we invite you to savor the diverse taste profiles of different process coffees. From the natural process's bold fruitiness to the delicate nuances of washed coffees and the complexity of honey process and anaerobic fermentation, there's a coffee experience waiting for you in every cup. Celebrate the art of coffee processing and elevate your coffee journey with Volcanica Coffee Company's exceptional selection.