Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee, Natural Process
The Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee is known for being pleasantly mild, as well as its wonderfully balanced smooth and mellow flavor. Steeped in history and romance, this coffee is widely noted for its rich aroma, medium acidity, and sweet full-bodied finish. Dried by...
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Costa Rica Geisha Coffee, Natural Process
The Costa Rica Geisha Coffee is a scarce and ancient coffee of wild Ethiopian origin. This coffee is unique in that it contains 30% less caffeine than most other coffees, while continuing to retain the sweet, citric, apple, and floral flavors that make...
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Costa Rica Natural Process Coffee
Costa Rica Natural Process Coffee is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly, which gives it a rich and hearty flavor. This coffee is dried inside the cherry pod to give it a brighter sweetness and...
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Dominican Red Honey Coffee, Organically Grown, Natural Process
The Dominican Red Honey Coffee is a distinct organically grown coffee with an unparalleled character. From the Jarabacoa Region of the Dominican Republic, this coffee has flourished due to several factors that create unique growing conditions. Additionally, this coffee is processed...
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Ethiopia Natural Coffee, Natural Process
Ethiopia Natural Coffee is a very unique naturally processed micro-lot coffee. This coffee was the small farm project of Mr. Abuhasen Reba, who owns a 5.25-hectare plot in the West Arsi District of Ethiopia. The soil from this small farm is scarce as...
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Guatemala Blue Ayarza, Natural Process
The Guatemala Blue Ayarza Coffee is from the Ayarza Cherry Mill. The Ayarza cherry mill specializes in naturally processed Guatemalan coffee. The region of Ayarza is special because of the unique landscape and cold blue water from the Laguna de Ayarza. The lake...
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Kenya Natural Process Coffee
Kenya Natural Process Coffee is a very unique naturally processed micro-lot coffee. The Ruera Estate is located in Kiambu County outside of the town of Ruiru. The farm is surrounded by natural beauty, lush vegetation, and is circled around community...
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Nicaragua Mango Honey Coffee, Natural Process
The Nicaragua Mango Honey Coffee is a limited production, micro-lot coffee made up of honey process day lots. This produces a unique and prominent mango note when cupped. It is only produced in small quantities yearly. The farm that the coffee is...
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Panama Geisha Coffee - Hacienda La Esmeralda
Panama Geisha from the Hacienda La Esmeralda farms is one of the most unique flavor profiles in coffee to this date. Grown in the Highlands of Boquete, South-West region of the Republic of Panama, this Panama Geisha has a long...
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Panama SL-28 Coffee - Hacienda La Esmeralda
The Panama SL-28 Natural Coffee is a bright, complex cup of coffee designed to brighten up your morning routine. Produced in Hacienda La Esmeralda’s El Velo Farm, Panama SL-28 is a world-traveling Arabica varietal that holds roots in East Africa,...
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