Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee
Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee is from the Aquiares Estate located in the Tres Rios region near the pacific coast. This world prized, single estate peaberry coffee is shade-grown and rain forest certified at an altitude of about 5,200 feet. Highly prized by connoisseurs for...
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Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee - Reserve
Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee - Reserve comes from one of the most highly regarded coffee-growing areas. Costa Rican Coffee from the Tarrazu region is known as one of the world's greatest coffees with its light, clean flavor, and wonderful fragrance....
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Costa Rica Coffee, Original, Tarrazu
Costa Rica Coffee is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly, which gives it a rich and hearty flavor. This single-origin Tarrazu Estate Costa Rica Coffee, known as one of the finest in the...
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Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee
The Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee originates from the Tarrazu mountain range located south of San Jose. The Tarrazu mountains and cool temperatures provide a full-bodied, vivacious, smooth, and bright cup, coupled with a well-balanced flavor containing a subtle hint...
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Costa Rica Geisha Coffee, Natural Process
The Costa Rica Geisha Coffee is a scarce and ancient coffee of wild Ethiopian origin. This coffee is unique in that it contains 30% less caffeine than most other coffees while continuing to retain the sweet, citric, apple, and floral...
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Costa Rica La Candelilla Coffee
The Costa Rica La Candelilla Coffee is a premium Costa Rican coffee from the Tarrazu region. This specific coffee contains two varietals, Cattura and Catuai, which are often mixed in blends because they are usually grown together. This prevents the spread of...
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Costa Rica Cascara Coffee Tea 3oz
The Costa Rica Cascara Coffee Tea is made from dried husks, which are the coffee bean cherry's outer shell. When brewed, this tea results in a sweet and complex hot drink, rich in anti-oxidants. This tea is light on the stomach and has a...
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Costa Rican Coffee Gift Box
Costa Rican Coffee Gift Box: Explore the flavors of Costa Rican Coffee all in one beautifully packaged gift offering. This single origin gift box contains four coffees that immerse one in the rich flavors of the Central American country. This gift box includes...
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