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Reusable Coffee Filter for Keurig® and K-Cup

by Adriana Contreras 25 Mar 2020 0 Comments

We add a new item for those of you with Keurig® or K-Cup coffee machines so you can use Volcanica Coffee. With the Reusable Coffee Filter for Keurig® and K-Cup you will save money and drink better coffee at the same time. This will work with most Keurig®, Cuisinart®, Breville®, and Mr. Coffee® single-cup brewers. The package includes one reusable filter for only for $5.99.

Just grind your fresh gourmet coffee, place it in the reusable filter and then brew as you would normally. K-Cups are very convenient, but the coffee quality is not ideal. K-Cup coffee is prepackaged and roasted months ago and has been sitting in a warehouse and retailer shelves deteriorating, which prohibits the enjoyment of a great coffee cup. With the Reusable Coffee Filter for Keurig® and K-Cup, you can have the best of both worlds; great coffee and the convenience of a K-Cup.

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