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Long Miles Coffee: Empowering Burundian Coffee Farmers, One Micro-Lot at a Time

by Aaron Contreras 07 Aug 2023 0 Comments


Long Miles Coffee is a farmer-driven coffee production model that aims to make a positive impact on Burundian coffee farming communities. Through their commitment to transparency, sustainability, and quality, Long Miles Coffee creates traceable micro-lots that not only yield consistently great coffees but also improve the livelihoods of smallholding farmers. By working closely with farmers and implementing innovative farming practices, Long Miles Coffee is transforming the coffee landscape in Burundi.

Volcanica Coffee purchased 4 different lots from the villages that Long Mile's has operations. See below to learn more or purchase: 




Long Miles Coffee Farm

At Long Mile Coffee, the pursuit of excellence goes beyond conventional coffee production. They take pride in their micro-lot approach, which allows them to showcase the distinct flavors and nuances of Burundi's diverse coffee growing regions. Micro-lots are small, carefully selected portions of coffee harvested from specific areas within a farm or community.


Supporting Farmers Year-Round: Long Miles Coffee employs a team of well-trained junior agronomists called Coffee Scouts. These grassroots community changers provide year-round agricultural assistance to the farmers on the twelve hills where coffee is grown. 

The Coffee Scouts educate farmers about better farming practices, such as proper farm care, indigenous shade tree planting, and the use of organic pesticides. Additionally, Long Miles Coffee has its own coffee farms that serve as "model farms" to showcase improved yields achievable through proper agricultural techniques.

Paying Fair Prices and Premiums: One of the simplest yet most impactful ways Long Miles Coffee supports Burundian coffee farmers is by paying higher prices for coffee cherries at their washing stations. They also provide annual premiums, ensuring that the farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work. By offering these financial incentives, Long Miles Coffee empowers farmers economically and motivates them to continue producing high-quality coffee.

The Role of Coffee Scouts: The Coffee Scouts are the backbone of Long Miles Coffee's community engagement. They are young Burundians who live in the coffee-growing hills and act as liaisons between the company and neighboring farming communities. 

The scouts are involved in various projects throughout the year, including teaching better farming techniques, setting up Farmer Field Schools, and assisting with coffee cherry quality control during harvest season. Their continuous presence and guidance contribute to the long-term improvement of coffee farming practices.

Micro-Lots and Impact: Long Miles Coffee's micro-lots are the result of the collective effort between Burundian coffee farmers and roasters worldwide. These traceable micro-lots not only produce consistently great coffees but also have a direct impact on the surrounding coffee farming communities. 

When consumers trust Long Miles Coffee with their coffee purchases, they not only receive thoughtfully produced coffee but also support the livelihoods of the farmers. Coffee has the power to change landscapes and transform lives, and Long Miles Coffee strives to make this potential a reality.

Long Mile Coffee's micro-lots are a testament to their commitment to traceability and showcasing the unique terroir of each coffee-producing area. By segregating the coffee cherries from different micro-lots, they can meticulously track the quality and characteristics of each harvest, highlighting the individual flavor profiles that arise from variations in altitude, soil composition, and climate.

Once the micro-lots are harvested, they undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the highest-quality coffee cherries are included. The cherries are hand-picked and sorted meticulously, ensuring that only the ripest, perfectly formed cherries make it into the micro-lot selection. This meticulous approach ensures that the coffee beans within each micro-lot possess exceptional flavor potential.

Long Miles Coffee's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and quality is evident in their farmer-driven coffee production model. Through the efforts of Coffee Scouts and the implementation of better farming practices, Long Miles Coffee empowers Burundian coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods and produce high-quality coffee. By choosing Long Miles Coffee, consumers can enjoy exceptional coffee while making a positive impact on coffee-growing communities in Burundi.

When you savor a cup of Long Mile Coffee's Burundi coffee, you embark on a sensory journey through the picturesque landscapes of Burundi. Expect a well-balanced cup with floral undertones, bright acidity, and hints of red fruit, caramel, and chocolate. Each sip tells a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and the rich heritage of Burundi's coffee traditions.

*this article was written by Robert Mynatt

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