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Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee is the most prized and sought after coffee in the world. These are the rarest coffee beans' selections in the crop with an intense flavor of the Jamaica Blue Mountains that jumps out at you. From the Clifton Mount Estate, considered one of the highest quality farms in Jamaica.

Only 5 percent of the coffee beans in the crop are the Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry coffee beans.

Famous for its refined taste, unusual sweetness, excellent body and intense aroma. Savor a cup of 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee and Taste the Magic of the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

  • 100% Certified Blue Mountain Coffee by the Jamaican Department of Agriculture.
  • Medium roast

FLAVOR NOTES: Floral, chocolate, creamy, smooth


DRYING: Sun Drying on concrete slabs From the famous majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica grows the world’s finest coffee 

Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee Details

Blue Mountain Coffee is a connoisseur's delight made from the best local blue-green beans. Blue mountain coffee is recognized as one of the most prized coffees worldwide and is in high demand. The Jamaican government has certified this as Official 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. There are absolutely no filler beans and our product should not be confused with counterfeit coffees using the same name. Because of the restricted geographical range where it is grown, Blue Mountain Coffee is available in limited quantities. Grown by small family farms and we pay our farming partners a fair trade coffee price that far exceeds their production cost. Our packaging provides as many safeguards as necessary to protect freshness and prevent quality loss. Each package is freshly roasted then package in a one-way valve to maintain freshness during shipping and storage. Rare Blue Mountain Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the rarest coffees available and commands one of the highest prices.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is considered by many to be the best in the world, and for a good reason. While taste is very subjective, we can say that Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is known for being incredibly well balanced in flavor, with medium acidity and excellent body. Smooth, clean and balanced, full-bodied with subtle acidity. Famous for having a perfect balance. Reserved for those who demand perfection.

Blue Mountain Coffee has an immaculate taste, with a noticeable sweetness. The flavor is bold, smooth and rich. Because of the rather restricted geographical range where it is grown, Blue Mountain Coffee is available in limited quantities and can sometimes be difficult to find. To maintain this coffee's high quality, Jamaica has established the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board to oversee the production and processing. Most Blue Mountain Coffee beans are grown by small farmers rather than huge coffee estates seen in other regions. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is easily the most famous exotic coffee in the world. The unique combination of soil and micro-climatic conditions specific to the Jamaica Blue Mountain ranges gives this coffee a flavor and aroma coveted worldwide.

The Japanese now buy up to 90 percent of the crop, putting a high demand on this fine coffee. The remaining 10% available for the rest of the world means that at times Blue Mountain Coffee for sale is only at a high price relative to other gourmet coffees. The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Region is only a tiny growing area of around 15,000 acres. The original 100% variety is one of the highest grown coffees in the world. The climate, geology and topology of Jamaica combine to provide the ideal location. The spine of mountains that runs across Jamaica ends in the east of the island in the Blue Mountains, which reach over 7,000 feet. The climate is cool and misty, with frequent rainfall, and the rich volcanic soil is well-drained. Terracing and mixed cropping are used, with coffee growing alongside bananas and avocados. More small growers, along with the officially recognized and established “Blue Mountain Coffee” growers are growing and producing what is regarded as the “Best Coffee in the Caribbean” and quite possibly the "Best Coffee in the World."

To enhance the endowments of nature, our Blue Mountain Coffee estates maintain a painstaking process to ensure that only the finest berries are culled and are processed with due reverence to the preservation of the delicate flavors, a balance of artistry and technical skill. Certified 100% Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for Sale To be called Blue Mountain Coffee, it must be grown at altitudes between 2,000 and 5,000 feet in the Parishes of Portland, St. Andrew and St. Thomas. Coffee grown in other areas in the Blue Mountains or anywhere else in Jamaica cannot be called “Blue Mountain Coffee. " You can sometimes spot these varieties when you see the word “blend” next to the Blue Mountain Coffee name. Jamaican High Mountain usually describes a somewhat lesser coffee than Blue Mountain, grown at lower altitudes in other parts of the island. Others are harder to detect and are simply frauds labeling themselves 100% pure when they are not. Other misleading coffees are labeled as a "Blue Mountain Style" coffee for sale with the taste characteristics of Blue Mountain but may not contain a single bean of actual Blue Mountain. You are guaranteed that Volcanica Blue Mountain Coffee is 100% authentic and is imported directly from authorized and reputable coffee plantations in Jamaica.

Today, significant improvement in processing and the application of rigid quality control by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board ensure that only the best beans are offered to discerning consumers of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Volcanica Coffee only imports 100% certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee direct from the island. Blue Mountain Coffee Bean Attributes Blue Mountain Coffee is exclusively made from the Arabica Bean. The Arabica bean is more fragile to grow but is considered more flavorful and has less caffeine than the Robusta Bean grown in many parts of the world. As a result of the ample cloud cover, mountain shade, altitude, soil minerals, and rainfall where the blue mountain coffee is grown, the berries stay much longer on the tree than other coffees, generally about three to four months longer. This seems to give the bean a richer and wider flavor, which is why coffee drinkers around the world covet Blue Mountain Coffee.

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