Kopi Luwak Coffee - Cage Free, 2 oz. Sample Gift Box

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Kopi Luwak Coffee is the most expensive and very rare coffee with a limited supply grown annually. Made famous by the movie, The Bucket List. Kopi Luwak is distinguishable with its signature flavor and mesmerizing aromas. The clean, lingering aftertaste remains a part of the tasting experience. Complex in flavor that combines the pleasurable flavors available in other coffees. Kopi Luwak Coffee, also known as Civet Coffee is musty, earthy, syrupy, aromatic, sweet, with heavy-body. Also, low in acid and possesses an exotic flavor profile like none other.

There are no refunds or exchanges available on this coffee due to the uniqueness and high price of Kopi Luwak. This smaller 2-ounce sample size is a more affordable way to taste test the most expensive coffee in the world and comes in a small square red box with a ribbon.


  • Kosher Certified
  • Free Range

Flavor Notes: Sandalwood, Apricot, Dark Chocolate, Plum Blossom, Musk, and Chanterelle-like Mushroom

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Medium Roast

Additional Information:

  • Drying: Sun Dry Process
  • pH: 5.3
  • Low Acidity: The process for developing a lower acid (or more basic) coffee blend involves roasting beans that are naturally lower in acid, for longer periods of time. This ensures that the acidic components of the coffee are processed out and result in a higher pH.
  • Single Origin Coffee
  • 100% Wild Gathered Cage-Free Kopi Luwak Coffee
  • Similar Products: Kopi Luwak is also available in 16 oz. Kopi Luwak Coffee for those in search of a full-pound size. This page also has more information about this fine Kopi Luwak Coffee.&

Kopi Luwak Coffee Sample

For those looking for a more reasonably priced introduction to the smooth, rich taste of the exotic Kopi Luwak coffee, or for those that were inspired by the 2007 comedy The Bucket List, we have our Kopi Luwak Coffee 2oz. Sample. We recommend this sample of Kopi Luwak for the curious coffee connoisseur interested in discovering one of the most coveted cups known the world over for its luxurious taste profile.

We’ve taken careful precautions to source our Kopi Luwak coffee from sustainable sources that procure the coffee from civet cats that are free range and wild. This ensures that the Kopi Luwak coffee we provide is of the highest quality arabica coffee because civet cats are known for choosing to eat the ripest of coffee cherries that produce an end result of superior quality in cup taste.

Kopi Luwak coffee is known to have a malt-like taste due to the unique way in which it is processed through the civet cats’ digestive system and then carefully processed using a seed dried, semi-washed processing method that gives the Kopi Luwak its naturally plum blossom and Chanterelle-like aroma with an engrossing and tantalizing taste profile of rich apricots and dark chocolate that will keep you coming back for more samples.

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