Colombian Supremo Coffee



Colombian Supremo Coffee is grown high in the Colombian Andes and is famous for its smooth, pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones, and rich medium to full body. Colombia is the world's second-largest coffee producer and is famous for consistently producing fine Colombian Supremo Coffee.


  • Fairtrade Certified
  • Kosher Certified 

Flavor Notes: Bittersweet, Chocolate, Caramel, and Hints of Orange

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Medium Roast

Additional Information:

  • Drying: Patio Process
  • Farm: Various Smallholder Farms
  • pH: 5.2
  • Single Origin Coffee: Grown at 1,650 - 1,800 meters in volcanic ash 
  • Similar Products: Colombian Supremo is also available in Decaf Coffee.
  • Region: Bucaramanga


Colombian Supremo Coffee Certifying Authenticity

Colombian Supremo Coffee is very distinguishable. It is one of the lightest colored coffee beans in the arabica family. If you want to ensure that you have pure 100% Colombian Coffee, you should begin by visually inspecting the beans and checking for a pleasant cinnamon color. Additionally, the size of the beans themselves should be relatively larger than their counterparts. Next, make sure to analyze the odor of the coffee beans. Do they have a heady yet invigorating smell? If this is not the case and they do not have a tinge of a nutty aroma, then you might be paying for a lower-quality coffee.

Colombian Supremo Coffee History

Colombian Supremo Coffee was first brought to the mountains of Colombia by Jesuit Missionaries in the form of arabica coffee trees. These trees, known for producing some of the finest coffee in the world, prefer higher altitudes and cooler temperatures. This allowed them to quickly adapt to the country’s varied terrain, and as the trees matured, Colombia’s wonderful year-round climate and abundance of volcanic mountains made it the optimal geographic location for the plants to flourish. As these trees began to yield fruit, people began to harvest the cherries for their coffee beans, resulting in the delicious Colombian Supremo Coffee. During harvest, the beans undergo a slow maturation cycle, which directly results in a very flavorful and unique coffee.

Colombian Supremo Coffee Processing

The fruit of the Arabica tree is packed into sacks immediately upon harvesting and is then sent to a de-pulping machine. After undergoing this process, Colombian Supremo Coffee is fermented to enhance its distinct characteristics. Twenty-four hours later, the coffee beans are washed with water to remove any impurities. This critical step is what sets apart authentic Colombian Supremo Coffee from Brazilian Coffee.

Once washed, the Colombian Supremo Coffee beans are left under the sun until they are completely dry. During nights or rainy days, the beans are covered to ensure that they retain their characteristic aroma and taste. Today, arabica coffee trees are recognized for producing some of the most pristine gourmet coffee. Through delicate processes and meticulous attention to detail, the seeds and trees once brought to South America have developed into producing the excellent coffee now known as Colombian Supremo Coffee.

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