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Cafe Cubano is the traditional Cuban Coffee espresso blend inspired by the Cuban culture. This blend was specially formulated like the same Cuban Coffee that you find in the cafes throughout Miami, Florida. This blend of Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala is a strong and robust dark-roasted espresso that is a true crowd-pleaser for the bold-minded. So authentic that several Cuban cafes serve our Cafe Cubano to their customers.

Certifications: Kosher Certified

Flavor Notes: chocolate, caramel, and with a nutty finish

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Dark Roast

Cuban Espresso Recipes

Cuban Espresso (cafecito)
Ingredients: Espresso and Sugar (either brown or white, though brown will make more of a molasses, syrupy espresso with a thicker sugar foam)
- Usually a near 1:1 ratio of sugar to espresso, cuban espresso can be modified to your tastes depending on how sweet you like
- Most cuban espressos are anywhere from 15-19 grams of coffee, and approximately 1-2 tablespoons of sugar

Cafe Con Leche 
Ingredients: Cuban espresso, milk , sugar 
- Ratio is typically 1:3 of coffee to milk, but it can be modified to fit individual preference and taste
- Because cuban espresso is usually much stronger than most western espressos, it’s recommended to use about 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar, though more can always be added


Ingredients: Cuban espresso, milk, sugar
- Similar to Cafe Con Leche, but with less milk. A little more than a traditional Italian macchiato, but definitely less than Cafe Con Leche or a Cafe Latte
- Whereas most Cafe Con Leches are about 12oz, with the Cortadito there’s approximately 4oz less milk, giving it a more coffee-heavy flavor profile
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