Peru Coffee - USDA Organic

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Grind: Whole Bean
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  • Volcanica Coffee

Peru Coffee is also known as "Tres Cumbres" and is from the Chanchamayo region at the highest ranges of the South American Andes and the Amazon River basin. This USDA Organic Peruvian coffee produces a complex, full-bodied coffee with floral, smoky overtones, a bright aromatic finish, a low acidity, and a clean, bright aromatic finish. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity.


  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified

Flavor Notes: Lemongrass, Plum, and Light Nougat

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Medium Roast

Additional Information:

  • Drying: Machine Process
  • Farm: Various Smallholder Farms
  • Low Acidity: The process for developing a lower acid Peruvian coffee blend involves roasting beans that are naturally lower in acid, for longer periods of time. This ensures that the acidic components of the coffee are processed out and result in a higher pH.
  • pH: 5.8 Low Acid Coffee
  • Single Origin Coffee

Peru Coffee History

Bordered by two powerhouses within the coffee growing industry, both Colombia and Brazil, Peru is oftentimes overlooked on the global scale for its coffee producing capacity. But don’t let that fool you. Peru produces some of the best and most unique cups of coffee that are quickly gaining much deserved attention throughout the specialty coffee industry for their innovation, quality, and excellent taste.

Coffee was introduced to Peru between 1740-1760. Despite the country’s ideal climate for coffee production, Peru did not begin to commercially produce coffee for export until the late 19th century, when Peru began to send coffee to England and Germany.

Much of Peru’s coffee growing history during the 20th century was marked with internal conflict, strife, and poor mismanagement of infrastructure for coffee to fully develop within Peru. But by the 1980’s, with help from groups such as Fair Trade, more and more hectares of land began to be devoted to coffee farming, allowing Peru to become one of the largest coffee producers in the world today.

Coffee production in Peru is done overwhelmingly by smallholder farmers. While that has led to some excellent tasting cups due to a lot of Peruvian coffee farmers using more organic methods rather than pesticides, it has also historically meant Peru’s coffee farmers lacked access to markets for negotiating better prices for their coffee. Thankfully, though, going into the 21st century, more and more Peruvian coffee farmers have joined together in collective bargaining to form co-ops throughout in order to access better information and leverage more structural power within the coffee production line.

Peru Coffee Processing and Taste Profile

The coffee we purchase from Peru comes from the Chanchamayo Province of the Junin region, which is approximately 1,400-1,900 meters high and produces a little over a quarter of the entire country’s coffee. The most common varietals of the Junin region are Typica, Bourbon, Catuai and Catimor, and are primarily processed by drying the coffee beans within the parchment and then soaking them in water to remove the outer pectin to produce a nice, clean processed cup of coffee.

This washed process of Peru coffee lends the coffee to have a sweet lemongrass taste reminiscent of herbal tea with light notes of plum and cocoa layered throughout. The taste of our Peru coffee highlights the bright freshness of complex, nuanced flavors within, with a surprisingly pleasing lower acidity that doesn’t upset your stomach.

Peru Coffee Roast Profile

We’ve roasted our Peru coffee to a pleasant full city medium roast to bring out the robust and effluvient notes, along with giving our Peru coffee a nice cocoa finish that has a pleasant mouthfeel that isn’t bitter or overwhelming. This Peru coffee has something for everyone and surprises and delights us each morning with its wonderful aroma and enticing cup body.

Peru coffee as a standalone single origin from a handful of smallholder farms will brighten any morning with marvelous notes packed into this roast. Whether you’re familiar with Peru and South American coffee or this is your first Peruvian coffee, we guarantee that you’ll love the way this smooth tasting coffee perks up your coffee routine.

Peru Coffee

Peru Coffee - USDA Organic


Peru Coffee - USDA Organic

Size: 16 oz.
Grind: Whole Bean

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