Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee is one of the most highly regarded coffee-growing areas. In many people's opinion, Costa Rican Coffee


from Tarrazu is one of the world's greatest coffees with its light, clean flavor and wonderful fragrance. Tarrazu Coffee is the variety of coffee used in all three of our coffees from this beautiful region and inlcude our Costa Rican Coffee Reserve, Costa Rica Coffee Original and Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee.

The Tarrazu region is located south of San Jose at the more remote lands up the Pirris River basin. Tarrazu coffee in this area is clearly farmed for quality and not quantity, and the altitude is clearly in the cup. The perfect growing conditions of the rich volcanic soil, cool climate and high-altitude contribute to the richness of this fine and elegance world class coffee. Full-bodied richness with excellent acidity.

Though not as renown as other coffee areas such as Kona or Jamaica, still their quality is a standout amongst coffee connoisseurs. The lack of a regional marketing effort and organization has kept this area from moving ahead in the coffee world. Tarrazu coffee has been growing through word or mouth as coffee afficianados have discovered the wonderful flavor that is unique only to the Tarrazu coffee growing region.

The secret of great Tarrazu coffee however is kept by famous coffee distributors who use Tarrazu beans to blend into cheaper and less inferior Robusta beans and still offer what they call gourmet coffee beans. It also has been known that coffee distributors have packaged Tarrazu coffee as a brand from other famous coffee growing regions. There have also been government efforts to broaden the defined area of Tarrazu to encompase less inferior coffee growing regions which actually in what locals know as Tarrazu. This is unfortunate and may lead to the watering down of true robust flavor of Tarrazu coffee by major coffee brands.

All Volcanica Costa Rican coffees are 100% pure Tarrazu Coffee. We have personal relationships with farmers in Tarrazu and we make frequent trips to inspect the farms, workers and facilities to ensure that only the best quality is maintained and purchased. Purchasing from the local farms guarantees that only 100% Tarrazu Coffee are used by Volcanica Coffee.

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