Roasted Coffee Beans


Roasting coffee beans is considered an art, as the roaster needs to determine when the process has brought the beans to their peak of flavor. But terms used to describe this process are not uniform, so you can not always cont on them to tell you what your brew will taste like. The best way to know what you like is to sample you’re the various roasting options available from your favorite coffee brand.

In general the following are the most popular roasted coffee bean descriptions:

American - The American roast coffee beans tend to be medium roasted, creating a moderate brew with a lively flavor that is not too light or heavy

French - The French roast coffee beans are typically a deep chocolate-brown color and produce a full-bodied and stronger coffee taste.

Italian - The Italian roast coffee beans are usually glossy brown-black and produce a very rich, strong, heavy coffee that is often used for espresso.

Which Type of Roasted Coffee Beans Have the Most Flavor?

The darker the bean is roasted, the stronger and richer coffee’s flavor. Th

flavor is harsher with an almost burnt taste. The medium roast produces a more mellow taste. In actuality the medium roast better preserves the true coffee bean as the darker oasts burn off some of the natural coffee oils and cause Burlap_Coffee_sacksit to have a harsher taste. The medium roasts allow you to better savoir the way the coffee bean was intended to taste.

A darker roast can actually make a lower quality coffee bean taste better. The bean no longer relies on the flavors from its origin and leans more on the burnt flavor that results from the darker roasting process. This is actually one of the reasons why Starbucks has been so success. They carry a decent variety of beans and improve the flavor by their dark roasting process, which is their trademark, and they make a respectable profit.

It really comes down to which is your personal preference. My personal favorite is the medium roast because of the richer and more natural coffee flavor but I still enjoy to switch back to the darker roasted coffee beans.

Most commercial coffee in the U. S. is roasted to a very light roast called American. This roast produced a palatable cup of coffee; however, most coffee lovers prefer a darker roast. The more advanced coffee connoisseurs however prefer the medium roasts for the true coffee flavor.  


French roasted beans are darker and a bit oily with a hint of smokiness. While the Italian roasted coffee beans are black to the point of being carbonized. Their flavor is extremely smoky and oily.

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