Pour Over Brewing Guide

Volcanica Hario V60 Pouring Guide

Pour Over Brewing Guide

You'll Need

  • 20g sand like ground coffee
  • 300g hot water (94’C - 96’C)
  • Scale

Brew Time: 3:00 - 3:30

Yield: 250g

Water to coffee ratio: 1:15

There is a variety of different drippers on the market and they all provide different results, so we highly recommend you to try them out and find a dripper that you like the most.

For this method, we will cover Volcanica's way of brewing pour over coffee by using the Hario V60. We are going to pour 300g of water in 4 stages. Every stage of pouring hot water, move the kettle in spiral motion starting from the center of the dripper.

Extraction time should be around 3 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.


Warm up water to 94’C-96’C. I like to heat up twice as much as I need, so that I don’t have too much of a temperature change over time.


Grind coffee into a sand like consistency. (#6.5 on Mahlkonig EK43)


Put the filter in a dripper and fully saturate the filter with hot water to remove paper odor and to preheat.


Put ground coffee in and shake it a little bit to make a flat surface. Tare the scale.

Stage one: Start the timer and pour 40g of hot water, saturating the surface of ground coffee without leaving any dry spots. Wait for 40 seconds.

Stage two: Pour water until 120g (80g of water).

Stage three: Before it’s revealing the surface of the coffee, pour water until 210g (90g of water).

Stage four: Before it’s revealing the surface of the coffee, pour water until 300g (90g of water).

Once you near the 3 minute mark, you’ll see a drip of coffee instead of a stream. You can remove the filter when the surface of ground coffee is about to be revealed. Gently stir the coffee.


Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Tips For Pour Over

  • If you can’t get proper extraction time, try to adjust the grind size setting. You can extend the time by grinding finer and shortening by grinding coarser or having different water flow could change your brewing time.
  • Try to have steady water flow while pouring.
  • Preheating your mug before pouring your coffee can help to sustain the aroma and taste.

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