How to Remove a Coffee Stain - Coffee Stain Removal Tips

How to remove a coffee stain is not as difficult as it may seem. The problem with coffee stain removals is that most people will wait until the item goes through the laundry several days later. From personal experience it is best to run to the restroom and get to work on it right after the spill or to at least start the process before it dries. It is often too late to save the fabric if you wait until you do your weekly laundry.

What the Experts say on Coffee Stains

The following is the advice from textile experts on how to remove a coffee stain. The best time to deal with a coffee stain is immediately after it occurs. To remove the coffee stain place the right side of the stain on a blotter, which can be a clean soft cloth or a heavyweight paper towel. Then, lightly sponge the wrong side of the stain with another white soft cloth. If the stain seems stubborn, use a commercial stain remover that's available from your local supermarket. If it's a large stain, work a small area at a time until the entire stain is blotted, brushing lightly from the center of the stain outward. Most stain removers should do the trick in one application but if not, repeat. When the stain disappears, rinse the fabric in clear water and air dry.

Do not use a hair dryer or dryer machine as heat sets stains. If the stain is still present after running it through the washing machine do not put the item in the dryer or your item is doomed. Run it through another hand-wash treatment as mentioned above to give the coffee stain another try.

Old Coffee Stain Remove Method

A old recipe for coffee stain removal is to use one teaspoon of white vinegar in one quart cold water; sponge on the stain as described above, then wipe clean. Baking soda sprinkled or rubbed into a damp stain also works. Sprinkle some baking soda directly onto a damp cloth then use the cloth to soak up the stain.

Store Bought Coffee Stain Removal Products

Your local supermarket shelves have an assortment of reliable spot removers which are effective in removing coffee stains. The best are oxygen style removers that break down the stain compounds eating away at the stain without harming the fabric. These take a little time to work, but do work if you follow the directions. Put the stain remover on the stain, allow 20 to 30 minutes to work its magic and then put into the laundry as usual.

These methods are best for clothes and washable linens. If, however, you have coffee stains on antique linens, silk blends, or silk clothes, it is best to take them to your trusted dry cleaner immediately. Always tell them the type of stain and fabric to give them better direction on how to attack the problem. Removing a coffee stain is not impossible, it  just one that needs to be tacked as soon as the stain occurs.


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