Coffee Tips

Here are some quick coffee tips to help you make a good cup of coffee.

Use Fresh, Pure Water

Good coffee starts with good water. Use only filtered water from your tap.

Store Beans Properly

Always store your premium coffee in an airtight opaque container such as Tupperware, away from heat, moisture and light. If you don’t have an airtight container the next best thing is to seal it in the foil bag that we package our coffee in and put it in the freezer.


Grind to Perfection

Only grind what you will be using immediately. If you use a blade-type grinder, while grinding hold the lid down with one hand and shake it up and down. This will yield a more even grind and reduce the amount of powdery grounds which can make coffee bitter. Better yet, invest in a good quality burr-type grinder, available at better kitchenware stores. Gaining in popularity are the new coffee makers that grind your beans automatically then brews your coffee. You'll taste the difference. Visit our this link for more information on grinding coffee beans.

Keep it fresh

Remember, glass carafes and other containers should never be left on the burner for more than 10 minutes. An airtight thermos-type container is the preferred hot storage container and will keep hot coffee fresh considerably longer.

Best Way to Serve Coffee

Everyone has their preference but we have found the best way to enjoy exotic coffee, if you do not enjoy it black, is by adding half & half and raw sugar. If you are watching your calories use Splenda. Sweet & Low and Equal add bitterness which takes away from the rich Volcanica flavor. In place of half & half you may also lighten it up with steamed or warmed whole milk which will add a distinct natural sweetness.

Why Whole Beans are Better than Ground Coffee

Whole beans maintain the flavor and richness of coffee longer. Coffee begins to deteriorate from the moment coffee is ground. Because of this we recommend you purchase whole bean over ground coffee so that you only get the freshest. Coffee on grocery and retailer shelves are often stale and lacking flavor but still rate fresh according to their standards. Premium coffee from gourmet coffee retailers like Volcanica Coffee only ship coffee that is freshly roasted.

Did you Know - Coffee Can Help you Burn Fat

Caffeine is a stimulant which provides a mild jolt to the nervous system. Your the body responds by releasing catecholamines, which target fat cells and help to draw on body fat as fuel. Problem is, when caffeine is combined with carbohydrates - namely the sugar you add to your coffee – the majority of caffeine’s fat-burning potential is blunted because of the subsequent rise in the fat-storing hormone insulin. It’s only in the absence of insulin that catecholamines are more assertive and burn more fat. So skip the sugar (cream is okay) and drink your coffee black and on a completely empty stomach if you want to burn fat. Better yet, drink a mug of java 60 minutes before cardio in the morning to maximize fat-burning. And no, lattes and mochas won’t cut it.