Coffee and Exercise

Coffee and Exercise

Many of us start their work out in the early morning so there have been questions as to whether it is okay have a cup before your work out.  There is much research on caffeine and its effects on the body and there are several benefits that can be gathered to support that a cup of coffee is beneficial to your work out and health.

Body Fat Reduction and Coffee

Caffeine has been shown to spare the release of glycogen, or stored carbohydrates, as a fuel source when taken prior to exercise. Research supports that caffeine mobilizes stored fatty acids, which are then used as fuel instead of glycogen. This means that with the caffeine in your coffee, your body can better endure intense exercise allowing your work outs to last longer before you run out of fuel and the more fat that will be burned in the process. Isn’t that the goal of most workouts? More energy for longer workouts to burn fat and build muscle for a more defined body.

Another way the caffeine in coffee will help you loose fat is by blocking adenosine receptors on fat cells. Usually

Coffee and Exercise - Runner_Drinking_Coffee

adenosine blocks fat release and enhances fat storage in adipocytes. Caffeine blocks this and reverses the process.  

Muscle Building Benefits of Coffee and Exercise

The caffeine in coffee has been shown to act directly on muscles by triggering an increased calcium ion release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum. What does this mean to you and me? That in theory, this will lead to stronger muscle contraction and greater force production by the muscle. Since your are more alert and active you are able to press heavier weights or get additional reps to your routine. And of course, a stronger resistance training leads to stronger and larger muscles.

Better Mind Focus from Coffee and Exercise

Caffeine has been shown to block the receptors of adenosine which is a  compound that slows down neuron activity. This will cause greater focus and productivity during workouts. Keeping us from straying from the task and from distractions in the gym is always a benefit for our workouts.  

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