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Costa Rica Coffee from the mountains in Tarrazu is known as one of the world's finest coffees. Costa Rica Coffee Original is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly, which gives it a rich and hearty flavor. This is a single origin Tarrazu estate coffee, the mountain range producing the highest quality in Costa Rica. Master roasted to a medium color preserving the full, natural taste. The optimal way for you to experience the full elegance and richness of this fine exotic coffee.

  • Medium roast
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

CUP NOTES: Balanced, medium body and acidity

FLAVOR NOTES: Crisp, toasty Tarrazu, Apple

COFFEE PROCESSING: Traditional wet process

DRYING: Patio and mechanical

We also offer Costa Rica Tarrazu in Decaf Coffee. Costa Rica Coffee The difference between the original and the Costa Rican Reserve Coffee is the original is a medium roast and the reserve is dark roasted. Costa Rica coffee is one of the world's greatest gourmet coffees with its light, clean flavor and wonderful fragrance. Costa Rica has nearly perfect growing conditions with the mild, high-altitude climate and the rich volcanic soil that contribute to this world-class coffee's awesome elegance.

Full-bodied with excellent acidity. You will enjoy an unusually silky flavor, a full, well-balanced body, an almost buttery taste and a beguiling aroma that creates an outstanding eloquent profile. From the Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Region, This is 100% pure Arabica Costa Rica Tarrazu gourmet coffee, grown on small farms located high in the mountains around the town of San Marcos de Tarrazu with only the finest beans selected. We pay our farming partners a Fair Trade Certified coffee price that exceeds their cost of production. These farmers are the heart of the operation since they are expert coffee growers who have lived all of their lives honing their trade. They come from families that have been involved in farming and exporting Costa Rica coffees since the 1890s. Each farm is managed by its owners who take care of the process, from planting the trees to bringing the coffee cherries to the mill. Costa Rica coffee is a Tarrazu gourmet coffee variety made up of Arabica coffee beans high grown. Our Strictly Hard Bean coffee is grown at altitudes of 4,600 feet and higher and is high in acidity than coffee grown at lower altitudes, giving it a rich flavor.

Gourmet coffee expert tasters have consistently given high grades to Costa Rica coffees from Tarrazu. This Costa Rica coffee has more flavor and regular gourmet coffee varieties. It takes longer to roast the harder beans from Costa Rican coffee Tarrazu than coffees grown in regions close to the ocean and located in lower elevations. Weight loss is less compared to other coffee beans, resulting in a stronger and more dense coffee bean. Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is known as one of the great gourmet coffees in the world. With this outstanding raw material, they take the time, effort, and labor cost to prepare a coffee bean that is hard to match. The coffee plant cherries must be harvested at the right time to provide the optimum flavor. Each tree is visited up to four times so that only the best of the fruit is picked. The entire Costa Rica coffee harvest is picked by hand to ensure the quality of the bean. Located in the most remote lands up the Pirris River basin in the Tarrazu Highlands, this Tarrazu county Estate represents the Costa Rica coffee with Tarrazu character. The coffee is clearly farmed for quality, not quantity, and the altitude is clearly in the cup. The geography and climate influence the Costa Rica coffee quality.

The combination of volcanic soil, cool, moist climate, temperature, sunlight, and wet and dry seasons all combine to result in the right formula. In the high mountains, the small Tarrazu region is located south of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. Costa Rica Coffee Farms in Tarrazu has the highest altitude coffee from this country. The last coffee cherry to ripen is the highest altitude. Gravel roads connect the various farms with the nearby towns of San Pablo, San Marcos and Santa María. These towns are known as "Los Santos." The Saints are famous worldwide because pioneers exported the first Costa Rica Coffee bags to Europe. At the Costa Rica coffee mill, extreme care is given while handling and processing the coffee beans. During this process, beans are inspected and sorted to remove any defects. The demand for Costa Rica coffee of the Tarrazu high-quality is very high. To guarantee the richest aroma and flavor, Costa Rica Coffee packages are shipped fresh for your enjoyment.

From coffee bean to your cup, we ensure that we deliver the finest gourmet coffees in the world. Our packaging provides as many safeguards as necessary to protect freshness and prevent quality loss. Each package is freshly roasted then package in a one-way valve to maintain freshness during shipping and storage. If you have traveled to Costa Rica and tasted their coffee, you probably know that their coffee is extraordinary. You probably don't know that most hotels and restaurants sell the lowest grade of coffee that is available.

The good stuff is exported and the very best Costa Rica coffee for sale comes from a small valley south of San Jose called Tarrazu. We know because we are from Costa Rica and regularly cup coffees from every region and every Costa Rica coffee brand. Several are outstanding coffees and others are just plain terrible. We have decided only to carry the best, which is Costa Rica coffee from Tarrazu. Unfortunately, many Tarrazu coffee brands are not 100% pure Tarrazu coffee. Costa Rica Coffee is in short supply and is mixed in with other Costa Rica Coffee regions to increase the profits and raise the taste quality.

These brands should actually be called Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Blends but pass themselves off as the real thing. Costa Rica Coffee from Tarrazu is also used to elevate the quality of many other gourmet coffee blends, including Starbucks.

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