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What is Fairtrade Certified Coffee?

by Adriana Contreras 26 Jun 2018 0 Comments

"Fair Trade" means a system for the purchase and sale of goods and products in such a way that domestic producers and communities involved in the growth and production of goods deserve a fair reward. Fairtrade can also include a policy that considers the local production environment and promotes interpersonal relationships, equity and sustainability.

Fairtrade coffee, on the other hand, can be seen as a coffee that is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards. Fairtrade organizations create a trading partnership based on dialogue, respect and transparency that seeks more significant fair play in the international market.

If you choose Fairtrade Coffee, you help the coffee farmers around the world who act honestly.

Fairtrade coffee is being produced and marketed following the stringent International Fairtrade standards, and any beans can be traced to a group of small farmers who cultivate it.

Fairtrade fair price serves as a security web when prices fall so that Fairtrade coffee makers can be sure they will receive a fee that will cover the average cost of sustainable production.

Here are some Fairtrade coffee's you can find in our shop:

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy 16 oz.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - Clydesdale 100% Certified 16 oz.

#1 Best Seller - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee 16 oz.

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