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What Do You Recommend For Coffee that is Low Acidity and Full-bodied?

by Adriana Contreras 20 Nov 2017 0 Comments

We have a new Low Acid Coffee web page with all our coffees lower in acid. For a full-body version, we recommend any of our four Sumatran coffees listed on that page.

Here are some of the notes from the coffees which are in each of the coffee description pages:

  • Sumatra Gayo Peaberry - The smooth flavors of cardamon, dark herbal sweetness, clove and bright acidity.
  • Sumatra Mandheling - Delightfully smooth with a rich, heavy body, low acidity and an exotic flavor with an intense syrupy aftertaste and an earthy richness.
  • Sumatran Gayo - Can be described as sweet, clean, earthy and spicy coffee with aromatics pronounced with exotic earth notes.
  • The fourth one is a decaf version of the Sumatra Mandheling.
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