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Seahawks Rookie DK Metcalf Partners with Volcanica Coffee Company to Sell 'Decaf Metcalf'

by Adriana Contreras 11 Dec 2019 0 Comments

Volcanica Coffee, a gourmet coffee company, partners with DK Metcalf, the wide receiver with the Seattle Seahawks, after ESPN announcer Joe Tessitore mistakenly called DK "Decaf Metcalf" during the Monday Night Football game on December 2nd, which went viral.

The slip-up inspired Volcanica's new Decaf Metcalf coffee during the Seahawks vs. Vikings Monday Night Football matchup. The Decaf Metcalf Coffee is a 16-ounce medium roast blend from Papua New Guinea and Guatemala.

A portion of proceeds from this coffee is donated to the charities of DK and Tessitore's choice. The charities chosen are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Prison Fellowship.

"Tessitore has blessed the deal, with Metcalf," an ESPN Insider said. "Tessitore is making sure part of the proceeds will be donated to charities of their choice."

Many took to social media after the partnership's announcement and demanded a caffeinated version of the Decaf Metcalf coffee..

“We created a caffeinated version of the Decaf Metcalf Coffee because of popular demand,” Aaron Contreras, Managing Partner at Volcanica, said. “The Fullcaf Metcalf is now available on our website.”

The news article has been posted on ESP.

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