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Mocha Java Coffee- The World's Oldest Coffee Blend

by Maurice Contreras 05 Mar 2021 0 Comments
Mocha Java Coffee- The World's Oldest Coffee Blend

Mocha Java Coffee is perhaps one of the oldest blends of coffees created.

Dating back to the 17th century, Mocha Java blend derives its name from when European sailors transporting coffee and other goods from the Indonesian island of Java would stop off at the popular Yemen port of Mocha (Mokha) before heading back home to Europe. From there, Europeans found the coffee blend in its 50-50 iteration pleasing and delightful, resulting in Mocha Java's quick adoption of the early coffee world as a popular favorite.

As a happy accident, or possibly an intentional blending of green beans, Mocha Java came to be known for its chocolate notes from the Yemen beans and syrupy, spice notes from the Java beans. Its flavor profile is truly one of a kind, and it's no wonder as to why this blend has stood the test of time to be perhaps the most popular and widely known blend that has ever existed. In fact, Mocha Java has made itself nearly synonymous with coffee within the Western world, with many substituting the word coffee for java, and mocha for chocolate. Yet it's best not to get it confused as a chocolate coffee blend. Instead, it's a bit more subtle cocoa with wild spices.

Sadly, despite its ubiquity in the burgeoning coffee industry only a couple centuries ago, Mocha Java has become a lot scarcer at the turn of this century. After coffee rust demolished the coffee industry in Java in the early 20th century that they’ve slowly been building back up, and because of the civil war within Yemen raging on since 2014, true Mocha Java blends are hard to come by. But rest assured that the Mocha Java from Volcanica is 100% pure Yemeni and Java coffee blended to create the rich robust coffee that has been a part of coffee culture for nearly four hundred years.

It is perhaps one of the most unique cups out there, with a floral aroma, smooth body, and a jasmine finish, the Mocha Java blend is a gem of a blend that any coffee lover would enjoy waking up to.

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