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Latte Overtakes Cappuccino in the UK. Over 935m Cups Sold!

by Adriana Contreras 01 Apr 2015 0 Comments

Latte’s popularity is now greater than cappuccino in the UK.

London – The latte has overtaken the cappuccino as Britain’s favorite coffee – with 227,000 cups downed every hour.
Britons now consume 935 million lattes every year, enough to fill 561 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
The firm Costa Coffee has seen its latte sales rise 10 percent this year and say hit TV shows have increased the popularity of the latte.
Mike Lawless, head of UK Marketing for Costa, said: “Customer research showed lattes had become the most popular drink for the first time in our 35-year history.”

Here in South Florida, we have had the original latte for several decades; it’s called Cafe con Leche. This is an identical drink but with more sugar and made with Cuban coffee.

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