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International Coffee Day

by Adriana Contreras 27 Sep 2018 0 Comments

International Coffee Day is celebrated by people in every corner of the world on October 1st. The event is scheduled to be celebrated on a grand scale during this year as well. The coffee day is held to celebrate and promote coffee as a beverage. People who live in every corner of the world come together for this celebration.

The History of International Coffee Day

The first-ever International Coffee Day took place back in 2015. The idea of having an International Coffee Day sparked in March 2014. It was the International Coffee Organization, which came across the need to celebrate an International Coffee Day. They wanted to promote coffee and raise more awareness of it. With this, the first-ever International Coffee Day was held in the city of Milan, along with Expo 2015.

However, people celebrated International Coffee Day even before 2015. There was a similar event organized by the Japan Coffee Association and it took place back in 1983. However, celebrations of the event were restricted only to Japan. Then, the people in the United States started celebrating National Coffee day before in 2005. However, there was no properly-recognized day for the international celebration of coffee. That’s where International Coffee Day came into play.

What Do People Do on International Coffee Day?

People who live in every corner of the world prefer to participate in a variety of activities to take part in the celebration events held along with International Coffee Day. You can also think about taking part in these activities so that you will be able to enjoy the day with others.

If you are looking for activities to participate in, along with International Coffee Day, you are strongly encouraged to use the best of your imagination. Then you will be able to brainstorm and create new events. These recent events can make loads of fun for the people you know. On the other hand, you will also be able to take part in those events and have a fascinating time.

Along with International Coffee Day celebrations, you can host a coffee cupping at your office or home. If there is a coffee shop in your local area, you can go there without keeping any doubts in mind. Then, you will be provided with a fantastic experience with a unique vibe. You can also go along with your friends and enjoy the best coffee on International Coffee Day.

If you are a coffee shop owner, plenty of ideas are available to execute along with International Coffee Day and make the day a memorable one for your guests. Then, you will be able to make the International Coffee Day remain in their minds for an extended period. They will wait for the next year’s October 1st to have those moments again.

One of the simplest things you can do as a coffee shop owner is to run a discounted coffee shop promotion. People would come to your coffee shop and enjoy their favorite beverage at a lower price on a particular day. You can ask your customers to show their love for International Coffee Day as well. To do that, you can ask them to create posts about the day and upload them on social media.

People looking for unique things to do on International Coffee Day can go ahead and host art competitions. You can have coffee as the theme of the art competition. Along with that, you can ask people to write short stories and poems as well. Then you will be providing an excellent opportunity for the people to be more creative with coffee on a special day.

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Now you know how to celebrate International Coffee Day. We are just a couple of days away from it and it is high time for you to prepare yourself. Hence, you can purchase these Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans and work on other arrangements to celebrate the grand style day! 

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