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Iced Beverage Recipes

by Aaron Contreras 28 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Making Cold Brew

If you’re not wanting to spend almost $10 every time you want to get your cold brew on, then you can easily make a nice refreshing cold brew at home just as good as any cafe, if not better. There are many cold brew brewers on Amazon or Walmart around the $20 range that make great cold brew. But if you’re not wanting to clutter your pantry with yet another single-use kitchen appliance, then you can just as easily make cold brew with items you probably have lying around.


Step 1. Either purchase coarsely ground coffee or grind it yourself, we recommend Volcanica’s Signature Blend Cold Brew, but you can also get some unique tastes and aromas from single origin coffees as well: Nicaragua Mango Honey or Kona Peaberry are some of our favorites!

Step 2. You can use any standard French press, or if you don’t have one then you can also use mason jars or a really large mixing bowl. You’ll place your coarsely ground coffee into the container with filtered ambient or cold water. We use a ratio of 1:8, but you can adjust depending on the strength of cold brew concentrate you like.

Step 3. Take a wooden spoon or any other mixing device and get all the coffee fully saturated.

Step 4. Let time do it's thing! Both the easiest and hardest part of making delicious cold brew. Place your press, bowl or mason jar in the fridge so the coffee and water can fully integrate and create a magnificent caffeinated slush. After 12-15 hours, you’ll have a cafe-quality cup of cold brew.

Step 5. Separate the grounds from the cold brew. This is why we like the French press since it has a built-in screen to easily push down all the grounds to the bottom and a spout to easily pour your cold brew into a glass. But if using a mason jar or bowl, then take either  a fine sieve or straining cloth separate cold brew from grounds. This might take a couple of times to filter out all the grounds.

Step 6. Enjoy! Customize! Become more caffeinated!

Making Vanilla Orange Cold Brew

If you’re wanting a unique treat to make you feel as if your kitchen has magically transformed into a chic, elegant metropolitan cafe, you can try our recipe for vanilla orange cold brew. You’ll need your cold brew (see above on how to make), granulated sugar, water, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. The result is a sweet citrusy cold brew with a nice sumptuous vanilla spice note at the end.


Step 1. Measure out equal parts filtered water to equal parts granulated sugar. You can adjust how much you wanna make based on how quickly you go through the syrup, but its shelf life is two weeks, so it’s best not to over make at first just in case.We recommend doing a cup of each. You’ll place both into a pot on your stovetop and bring to a simmer, making sure to mix in the sugar fully as the water gets hot.

Step 2. Once the sugar has fully dissolved, you’ll take your orange peel, 4-5 cinnamon sticks, a couple dashes of nutmeg, and three teaspoons of vanilla, and place it all into the pot with your sugar water. Bring to a boil, mixing as you go.

Step 3. After 3-4 minutes, take the pot off the burner and let the concoction cool down.

Step 4. Strain out the orange peel, cinnamon sticks et al. from your syrup and place into a bottle to easily dispense.

Step 5. Enjoy! We recommend using 2 teaspoons for every 4oz. of cold brew, but you can adjust based on your own tastes. Add any milk or creamers you’d like. Coconut milk makes a nice summer delight, and really brings out the citrus notes in the vanilla orange syrup.

Iced Cascara Tea Recipe

Need a cold and refreshing summer drink to beat this heat? Our unique Costa Rica Cascara Tea recipe is hands down the best out there! With hints of lime and slight carbonation, this delicious drink is perfect for a hot summer day!


20g of Dry Cascara Tea 

10 Ounces of Water 

8 Ounces of Lime Perrier


**If you like your tea sweet, then add 2 teaspoons of simple syrup for every 4oz. of tea.**


Step 1. Heat water to 199°F and just below boiling.

Step 2. Pour water into a container and add dry cascara tea.

Step 3. Steep the cascara for 4 minutes. For a stronger taste, leave the tea to steep for 10-12 minutes.

Step 4. Drain the tea, and discard the pulp.

Step 5. Fill a large cup with Ice. Add tea and Perrier. Add sweetener if you prefer a sweeter drink. Enjoy!

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