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How to Make an Affogato

by Adriana Contreras 28 Jun 2018 0 Comments

The Italian Affogato is traditionally served as a dessert. A simple shot of espresso poured over Italian vanilla gelato—a tasty treat, perfect for you to enjoy at any time of day. We like to use our Espresso Dark Roast when making an Affogato; you can find it here. You can even make your twist on it and add amaretto, bicerin, or another liquor. You can never go wrong with an affogato. The recipe below will show step-by-step how you can make the perfect Affogato. 

1. Place 2 scoops of vanilla gelato in a shot of espresso 

2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of espresso and pour-over. 

3. Pour 1 shot of your favorite liquor.

4. Enjoy!

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