How to Make a Caffé Mocha

Wake up and SMELL THE COFFEE! It can be even more enticing if you do something a little extra to that cup of java. Here’s a little Coffee 101, so you can sound like an expert when you step up to the coffee bar to place your order.

Espresso is a popular coffee drink that is concentrated, intense, rich-flavored and usually served in small demitasse cups. It is a basic ingredient for cappuccino, caffe latte and cafe mocha. By adding spices, milk and syrups, you can make your own specialty coffee.


1. In a large coffee mug, pour in 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.
2. Add coffee or espresso with vanilla extract and stir together.
3. Then, add steamed milk.
4. You can stir gently or leave layered.
5. Topped off with whipped cream and one tablespoon of syrup (optional)

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