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Earth Day: Here's How Volcanica Coffee Reduces Their Carbon Footprint

by Adriana Contreras 21 Apr 2021 0 Comments
At Volcanica Coffee we are committed to producing quality coffee with little to no impact on the environment. In order to provide a smaller carbon footprint, we utilize a state-of-the-art Maxon Industrial high-low-high afterburner to remove smoke and odor while cleaning harmful particulates caused by the roasting process.

The afterburner’s design ensures that roasting pollutants, such as NOx, CO, various dust, and other harmful components, are removed and disposed of during the roasting process with clean natural gas. Essentially, our afterburner controls the output of emissions, while complying with local and federal environmental regulations.

The roasting process creates smoke and odor byproducts that can only be removed at over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Ovenpak 400 afterburner scorches these pollutants at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that all particulates are combusted during the process, with thermal oxidization generating massive amounts of heat to produce an efficiency rate of 99.8% of gas waste removal.
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