Colombia: Home of the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Pouring the coffee

The BBC has a fascinating article today about the writer's coffee experience in various places worldwide. He mentions several coffees that we carry, including Kopi Luwak Coffee and Colombian Coffee, which he states is the best. Here is an excerpt from the article.

It is an intriguing thing, coffee. For years, I followed the daily twists and turns of the London coffee market, reporting on the tremendous Brazilian frost in July 1975, which devastated the crop and caused world coffee prices to triple in the two subsequent years.

I remember the dark auction room in Santos's Brazilian port. The traders met to spar over the latest market offerings before retreating to their dusty offices to taste and sniff the export crop.

I remember the not very interesting coffee I had years later in Saigon after the United Nations taught an emerging Vietnam how to grow coffee. Their exports were soon equalling the global oversupply of beans on the world market, depressing prices for growers everywhere. Read the entire article here.

The article does not state which version of the Colombian coffee is the best, but the Colombian Peaberry Coffee is an exquisite selection which we carry.

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