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Best Thermal Coffee Mugs

by Maurice Contreras 02 May 2015 0 Comments

I have a collection of thermal coffee mugs that I use to drink my coffee on the road that I have collected over the years. Some have been free promotional mugs and others that I have bought. The best ones that I have found to enjoy your coffee entirely are the ones with a stainless steel interior. Most cups' plastic interior tends to leave a plastic taste to your coffee, but the steel ones let you enjoy the full gourmet coffee flavor. I finally found a particular thermal coffee mug at Costco one day that has turned out to be the best one that I have ever used. Contigo makes it and it has a solid top that seals in the heat with no spills.

It has a clip in the handle that you can use to attach to your book or lunch bag without worrying if it will spill. Since Costco does not currently carry the mug, you will need to find an available retailer at

I did have a problem with the pair that I bought in that the top flip levers both broke after a few months. I emailed the company and they gladly replaced the tops at no charge—an excellent coffee mug with excellent customer service that stands behind their product.

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