Nespresso Pods, Variety Pack, Aluminum Coffee Pods, Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Pods for Original Machine

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Nespresso Coffee Pods - 50 Count Variety Pack 

Variety Pack of 5 boxes that includes 10 Nespresso coffee pods, each ranging from roast Intensity 6 to Intensity 12. Includes 10 aluminum coffee pods each of our Obscuro, Sombra, Media Noche, Eterno, and Intenso.


  • INTENSITY: Variety Pack of 5 boxes that include 10 Nespresso coffee pods each. Explore a variety of exotic tastes ranging from dark roast Intensity 6 to Intensity 12.
  • RECYCLABLE ALUMINUM COFFEE PODS: Protect and preserve freshness, intensity and crema
  • WONDERFULLY EXOTIC COFFEE: Crafted to be the perfect Nespresso coffee pods for a latte or cappuccino.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE NESPRESSO* ORIGINAL MACHINES: Not Compatible with VertouLine Nespresso Machines.

*Not affiliated with Nestlé Nespresso S.A.

Nespresso Coffee Pods

Our wide variety of Nespresso coffee pods come in an assortment of intensities and flavor profiles for any and all coffee lovers on the go wanting to brew up a single-serve cup with no hassle. The Variety Pack comes with 5 boxes, with each box containing 10 aluminum coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso original machines and are packed with tons of flavor from coffee sourced from volcanic regions around the world.

Finding the Right Nespresso Coffee Pod Intensity for You

Nespresso coffee pods use an intensity scale between 1 to 12, with anything below a 6 intensity considered as “not intense”, and anything around 8 and above considered a strong, intense cup of coffee. The intensity scale for Nespresso coffee pods do not measure caffeine level, however, but rather the intensity and fullness of the body in the coffee pods.

The intensity affects a few things, most importantly the concentration of coffee (what is sometimes referred to as the total dissolved solids, or TDS), the degree of the roast, and the robustness of the coffee’s overall body. The higher the rating of our Nespresso coffee pods will mean a bolder, more intense cup of coffee experience.

If you are looking for something to wake you up, but isn’t quite as bitter, we do have some options for you, like our Media Noche, which has a fruitier taste profile with pleasant aromatics and yet a delicious richness. Our Nespresso coffee pods do tend to have a higher level of intensity because we here at Volcanica Coffee enjoy a strong cup of coffee.

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Our more intense Nespresso coffee pods are still smooth and delicious, with intense bodies of cocoa notes with a nice bite to them to really get your morning going. Whatever your caffeinated coffee pod needs, we have you covered with our wide array of delicious Nespresso coffee pods.

Obscuro Nespresso Coffee Pods

The Obscuro Nespresso coffee pods offer an intense, bold coffee taste with a wild cherry aroma with maple crema. It tastes like a rich chocolate cake with a silky smooth body. Obscuro Nespresso aluminum coffee pods have an intensity level of 10.

Sombra Nespresso Coffee Pods

The Sombra Nespresso coffee pods showcase an array of flavors, with a smooth, pleasant tartness to give it just the right amount of bite, and a bright, flavorful crema that is rich and bountiful. A smooth and elegant espresso, the Sombra Nespresso aluminum coffee pods have an intensity of 8.

Media Noche Nespresso Coffee Pods

The Media Noche Nespresso coffee pods feature a wonderful blend roasted to highlight the fruity notes. A bright coffee with wonderful aromatic features. Crafted with premium arabica beans. Media Noche Nespresso aluminum coffee pods have an intensity of 6.

Eterno Nespresso Coffee Pods

The Eterno Nespresso coffee pods are our Costa Rican coffee grown at high altitudes where the coffee cherries ripen slowly. A rich and hearty espresso with naturally full, elegant, and juicy flavors. The Eterno Nespresso aluminum coffee pods have an intensity of 7.

Intenso Nespresso Coffee Pods

Intenso Nespresso coffee pods offer a silky smooth crema with notes of chocolate and cherry. A nice acidic bite with a well-rounded body to create a unique flavor and pleasant, floral aftertaste. Intenso Nespresso aluminum coffee pods have an intensity level of 12.

Aluminum Coffee Pods that are Fully Recyclable

Our Aluminum Coffee Pods can be recycled for a reduced impact to the environment. We go our our our way to provide this option over the other cheaper non-recyclable materials. Many other coffee pods use materials that are not recyclable but our aluminum coffee pods are fully recyclable.

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Nespresso Pods, Variety Pack, Aluminum Coffee Pods, Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Pods for Original Machine
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