Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu Dark Roasted

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Costa Rican Coffee from Tarrazu is one of the most highly regarded coffee-growing areas. This is our Costa Rican Reserve variety. In many people's opinion, Costa Rican Coffee from the Tarrazu region is one of the world's greatest coffees with its light, clean flavor and wonderful fragrance. Master roasted to a full roast color just until the sheen of natural oils comes to the surface.

  • Dark Roast
  • Rain Forest Alliance Certified

CUP NOTES: Balanced, medium body and acidity

FLAVOR NOTES: Crisp, toasty Tarrazu, Apple

COFFEE PROCESSING: Traditional wet process

DRYING: Patio and mechanical

We also offer Costa Rica Tarrazu in Decaf Coffee. Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu 100% pure Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu farms with no filler beans. All Costa Rican coffees are 100% Arabica beans. The near-perfect growing conditions of the rich volcanic soil and mild, high altitude climate contribute to this world-class coffee's awesome elegance—full-bodied richness with excellent acidity. You'll enjoy an unusually silky yet robust flavor with a bold taste and a beguiling aroma that creates a wonderfully eloquent and complex profile. The higher altitudes that these Costa Rican coffee beans are grown at produce better beans, not only because they have the effect of increasing the acidity of the bean and thereby improving the flavor, but also because the cold nights that occur at the higher altitudes mean that the trees develop more slowly, which also the beans to develop a fuller flavor. The regular rainfall caused by precipitation at the higher altitudes is also essential for the proper development of the trees. These advantages are offset by the higher access and transportation costs, which drive up the price of this fine gourmet Costa Rican coffee. Our Costa Rican coffee is sun-dried and of the highest quality and prestige, found in the market. We take great care to provide as many quality safeguards as necessary to harvest and roast the top of the Tarrazu highland coffee. Grown on small Costa Rica coffee farms with only the finest beans selected.

Our Tarrazu highland farms have expert agriculturists with over a century of experience with Costa Rican coffee bean harvesting and processing. Our farming partners are paid a fair trade coffee price that far exceeds their production cost to allow them to lead a rewarding life for their talents. Our packaging provides as many safeguards as necessary to protect freshness and prevent quality loss in each Costa Rican coffee bag. Each package is freshly roasted then package in a one-way valve to maintain freshness during shipping and storage. Tarrazu Estate Costa Rican Coffee for Sale The Costa Rican coffee estate farm located in Tarrazu is at the more remote lands up the Pirris River basin in the Tarrazu Highlands.

This Tarrazu estate represents the Costa Rican coffee with Tarrazu character, where the coffee is clearly farmed for quality and not quantity, which is clearly reflected in the cup. Not at all Costa Rican coffee Tarrazu brands are the same. There are no government regulators who require roasters to be legitimate when they brand coffees as Tarrazu.

Only about 5% of actual Tarrazu grown beans are actually included in some of the so called Tarrazu coffee. Lower Costa Rican coffee grades are usually mixed in to be called "Tarrazu coffee." To ensure 100% purity, only coffees that are farmed and packaged in the Costa Rican coffee Tarrazu Valley, which is the area around the Town of San Marcos,  by the farmers themselves can be safely called "original 100% pure Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu. Volcanica Coffee is proud to be able to offer this Costa Rican coffee for sale from Tarrazu that helps protect the famous rainforests of Costa Rica. We invite you to try our Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu. You will find that it is one of the best coffees you have ever tasted.

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