Costa Rica Cascara Coffee Tea 3oz

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This single origin Cascara coffee tea from Costa Rica is made from the dried husks which is outer shell of the coffee bean cherry. When brewed, it results in a sweet and complex hot drink, rich in anti-oxidants.

  • Includes 3 oz of Cascara coffee tea
  • A 3 oz batch makes 10 cups of strong tea

To Brew:

1.   Heat water to 199°F and just below boiling.

2.   We recommend 9g (0.3 oz) of cascara to 125g (4.4 oz) of water

3.   Steep the cascara for 4 minutes. For a stronger taste, leave the tea to steep for to 10-12 minutes.

4.   Drain the tea, and discard the pulp. Enjoy


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    Costa Rica Cascara Coffee Tea 3oz
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