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Our 3-packs are the ideal option for the adventurous coffee lover. Our coffee experts have hand selected coffees across the world for our range of bundles. If you want to explore the world of amazing coffee, and experience the nuances and characteristics of different regions, our 3-pack range is the perfect choice. Each bundle include three 16 oz coffees, and are roasted in house to perfection.

Essential Bundle

The Volcanica Essential Coffee Bundle includes three of our best selling coffees. This bundle is perfect for coffee lovers looking to expand their horizons with our customer's favorite picks in one package. Join thousands of satisfied customers and experience the world of exotic coffee. Includes:

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Kenya AA
  • Costa Rica Peaberry

Signature Bundle

The Volcanica Signature 3-pack Bundle has been chosen by our expert roasters to deliver a taste of Volcanica. We've chosen three top coffees from some of our favorite regions, including:

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Costa Rica Original

Premium Variety Pack

For those who crave the taste of exotic, the Premium Variety Pack is the perfect choice. You definitely won't find these coffees at your local coffee shop, we have worked for years to build relationships with farms to source these rare and delicious beans. Included in this bundle is:

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • El Salvador 

Ultimate Variety Pack

For coffee lovers that only seek the finest in life, look no further than our Ultimate Variety Pack. This is the top of the line 3-pack bundle that Volcanica offers. Seasoned coffee enthusiasts will enjoy the exceptional and complex flavors that this bundle offers. Included are:

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford
  • Costa Rica Original
  • Brazil Estate Coffee 
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