There are two major types of specialty coffee beans species but for coffee connoisseurs only the Arabica beans qualify as specialty gourmet coffee beans. Arabica beans are the only ones to be drunk on there own, unblended. Volcanica Coffee specializes in only the finest specialty coffee beans of the Arabica variety

The other variety is the robusta bean which does not qualify as a specialty gourmet coffee bean, according to professional tasters. These are often used to cut or blend in with the finer Arabica beans. Many roasters, especially larger coffee manufactures, use the robusta bean to make Arabica go further but in the process it deteriorates the flavor. The other method that many roasters use is to blend in lower quality Arabica beans with

Volcanica Coffee only uses 100% Arabica coffee beans and are single origin specialty gourmet coffee beans. The Costa Rica Coffee Original and Costa Rican Coffee Reserve specialty coffee is made from the Arabica strain called Tico. The Costa Rican volcanic soil gives our coffee a unique smooth and rich flavor.

Our Kona Coffee has more luster and is one of the finest specialty gourmet coffee varieties. Some tasters describe a trace of cinnamon in the smooth flavor. Volcanica Coffee only sells 100% pure Kona specialty coffee. Much of the coffee claiming to be “Kona” actually only has 5% or less Kona beans. Another fine brand is our Hawaiian Kona Coffee, the Volcanica Kona Gold.

The Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica is the most famous of the specialty gourmet coffee beans and has its own strain of coffee bean described as blue-green beans. Blue Mountain Coffee from Volcanica is certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board.

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