More exotic coffee for even less.

Once you sample exotic coffee, you won't go back to regular.  


Sample 4 amazing coffees for only $9.99

Our Sample Box Set offers a curated collection featuring four 2 oz single-origin bags of our best-selling coffees for one low price.

What’s included in our 4-Pack Sample Box Set?

Exotic flavors from around the world

Our specialty coffees are derived from only the highest-quality beans, sustainably sourced from the finest crops grown in the best volcanic regions around the world. Take a sip and elevate your coffee experience.

Craving even more flavors? 

Discover even more exotic coffees from around the world in our convenient sampler sets. Both specialty bundles include our four best-sellers with the addition of delicious roasts from Guatemala and Nicaragua. Our 8-pack features bonus flavors from Colombia and Honduras.

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