Colombia Private Estate Coffee, Camilo Merizalde, Finca La Inmaculada, Sudan Rume



We are proud to present this Private Estate coffee produced by Camilo Merizalde, the award-winning 'Sudan Rume' used in the World Champion Barista Competition's. The Sudan Rume is highly sought-after for it's cup quality. Grown at high altitudes on the Inmaculada Farm, this coffee underwent dry anaerobic fermentation and carbonic maceration, a technique adapted from winemaking during which the coffee cherries are fermented instead of crushed. The Sudan Rume variety comes from a tall tree originally found in East Africa which displays qualities mainly present in African coffee. At 87.5 SCAA, each cup delivers a creamy body with notes of lime, orange blossom, raw sugar, honey, red wine, and chamomile. Available only in a 3 oz size.

Farm: Finca La Inmaculada

Farmer: Camilo Merizalde

Varietal: Sudan Rume

    Flavor Notes: Lime, Orange Blossom, Raw Sugar, Honey, Red Wine, and Chamomile. 

    Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation and Carbonic Maceration

    Drying: Raised Beds

    Roast: Light Roast

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