Automatic Hario V60 Pour-Over - Smart Coffee Brewer

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Meet Samantha. 

The automatic pourover coffee brewer from Hiroia, the IoT company of Hario.

Samantha is an automated pour over coffee maker that delivers exceptional pour over coffee at the push of a button. 



Developed in 2018, the idea behind this device was for the user who is interested in pour-over but not so interested in the manual process every morning. What this machine does is automatic the Hario V60 pour-over process. 

4 different brewing profiles come pre-programmed into the machine, but you can adjust and create your own using the Bluetooth enabled app on iOS and Android. Utilizing data from the built-in scale and other sensors, variables can be tweaked by you to include brew water temperature, the volume and flow rate of virtually unlimited pours, and the amount of pauses in between pours.

The on-board water reservoir holds 1.1-liters of water so there is no need for plumbing. It also features an illuminated shower head so you can see the water deliver on to the bed of coffee. 

This product includes:

x1 Samantha Automated Brewer by Haroia

x1 V60 Clear Glass Pour-Over Set by Hario 

x1 Package of 100 filters

In-stock - ships from our Warehouse in Atlanta, GA

Made in Japan

Adjustable Flow Rate

Select from 15 different flow rates to brew your perfect cup.


One-Touch Brewing

Brew with a touch of a button from a selection of pre-uploaded recipes


Flow rate management

15 different water flow rates

Temperature control

Control the water temperature within a single degree interval, from 80ºc to 96ºc (176ºF - 204ºF)

Built-in Scale

Allowing maximum precision

Pre-loaded recipes

Single-touch brewing of up to 4 different recipes

Cloud Technology

Allowing the user an endless range of possibilities. Download, share and create coffee brewing recipes

Samantha App

Control your Samantha coffee brewer with the designated brewer app


From the sample people that brought you the Jimmy Espresso Scale, Samantha is here to takeover your V60 journey and lead you along the way. 



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Automatic Hario V60 Pour-Over - Smart Coffee Brewer
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