All About Low Acid Coffee

excercise-coffee.jpgSeveral customers have requested coffee that is low in acidic and we created a special Low Acid Coffee section in our website. Some consumers are on low acid diets from their doctors or are looking for coffee that will not upset their sensitive stomachs or teeth. But coffee is actually very low on the acidic scale and there are many other types of drinks to avoid before looking for low acid coffee.

How Low is the Acid in Coffee?

We'll when comparing acidity with battery acid rated as a 1 and water as a 7, acid in coffee comes in at a 6 rating just below water. The lower the number the higher the acid level.

Anyone that has ever spilled cola on the paint of their car knows that it will mar the paint finish. That is a pretty good indicator of the acid content lurking inside of colas. If you are drinking colas you have bigger problems than trying to find low acid coffee.

coffee-excercise.jpgBack to the acid level scale we find that rated a number 2 next to battery acid is Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Squirt. All very high on the acid level and opposite of coffee and water. Rated at a 3 we find lemon Nestea, Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange juice and Lemonade.

For this reason dentists form many years have been trying to keep everyone away from Coke and other sugar water soda drinks. Coming from General Dentistry, long-term soda drinking erodes tooth enamel due to the high pH levels in many soft drinks that make them nearly as corrosive as battery acid.

Coffee is relatively Low in Acid

So if you are looking for low acid coffee generally the overall coffee category already is rated low in acidity and check out our selections that have Lower Acid Coffee than the others. To lower your intake of acid make sure you first cut out the other more dangerous culprits first before hunting for low acid coffee. first look. If your stomach or teeth continue to cause you problems with your favorite brand of gourmet coffee beans consult with your doctor.