Brazil Decaf Coffee - Bracosta Estate
Brazil Decaf Coffee is sourced from Bracosta Estate in the Minas Gerais region. It has an amazing taste with hints of sweetness, chocolate notes, balanced acidity, and a pleasantly clean taste. Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Sweet, Chocolatey, and Pleasantly Clean Processing:...
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Colombian Decaf Coffee
Colombian Decaf Coffee is grown high in the Colombian Andes and is famous for its pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones, and rich medium-to-full body. Colombia is the world's second-largest producer of coffee and is famous for consistently producing fine gourmet coffees....
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Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee
The Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee originates from the Tarrazu mountain range located south of San Jose. The Tarrazu mountains and cool temperatures provide a full-bodied, vivacious, smooth, and bright cup, coupled with a well-balanced flavor containing a subtle hint...
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Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee
The Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee is a perfectly balanced coffee with a dense caramel-like sweetness, signature intensity, light acidity, and a complex spicy aroma that will engage all your senses. Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Sweet Caramel, Signature Dense Intensity, Light...
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee
The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee is a unique grown coffee with a complex origin and truly exotic flavor with pleasant acidity. Yirgacheffe is a coffee region in southern Ethiopia that produces distinctively floral and fruit-toned coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica long...
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French Roast Decaf Coffee
French Roast Decaf Coffee is our darkest roast that uses a unique blend that accentuates the intensity of darker roasted coffees. Deep and smoky, this blend brews a pungent cup with pronounced smoky overtones creating a complex, rich, and superbly aromatic...
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Guatemala Antigua Decaf Coffee
The Guatemala Antigua Decaf Coffee is a rich, full-bodied decaf coffee with a smooth-sophisticated flavor and an intense aroma.  Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Nutty, and Chocolatey Balanced Flavor Processing: Washed Process Roast: Medium Roast Additional Information: Drying: 100% Sun Dried pH: 5.0 Single...
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Half Caff Coffee, Half Caffeine Blend
The Half Caff Coffee Blend is a mix of our Volcanica House Blends, half regular caffeinated coffee and half decaf. The blend is an exquisite selection of South and Central American coffees distinguishable by its sweet, yet bold flavor as well...
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Low Acid Decaf Coffee
Low Acid Decaf Coffee is the decaffeinated version of our fine blend of naturally low acid coffees from Colombia and Brazil. These coffees tend to have lower acidity as they are grown at lower altitudes. This delicious mix is a fantastic...
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Official Decaf Metcalf Coffee - (Decaf Version)
The Official Decaf Metcalf Coffee is a specialty coffee blend for D.K. Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks. This is an exquisite blend of decaffeinated beans from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea distinguishable by its sweet yet bold flavor, and rich full body.  Donations from...
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Papua New Guinea Decaf Coffee
The Papua New Guinea Decaf Coffee is a spicy yet sweet coffee. Papua New Guinea, often abbreviated PNG, occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. This decaf coffee has a wonderful aroma and even better taste for those looking to...
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Peru Decaf Coffee
Peru Decaf Coffee is also known as "Tres Cumbres" and is from the Chanchamayo region at the highest ranges of the South American Andes and the Amazon River basin. The Peruvian coffee produces a complex, full-bodied coffee with floral, smoky overtones,...
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Sumatra Decaf Coffee Mandheling
Sumatra Decaf Coffee Mandheling is a decaffeinated version of this fine single-origin coffee. This rare Indonesian coffee is delightfully smooth with a rich, heavy body, low acidity, and an exotic flavor with a mellow, earthy, and sweet & subtle taste....
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Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Decaf Coffee - Reserve
Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Decaf Coffee - Reserve is the decaf and dark roast version of this fine single-origin coffee. This rare Indonesian coffee is delightfully smooth with a rich heavy body, low acidity, and an exotic flavor profile composed of sandalwood,...
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Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee
The Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee is an exquisite blend of South and Central American coffees distinguished by its sweet-yet-bold flavor and rich full body. Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Sweet Bold Flavor, and Rich Full Body Processing: Washed Process Roast: Medium Roast Additional...
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