Colombian Supremo Coffee



Colombian Supremo Coffee is grown high in the Colombian Andes and is famous for its smooth, pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones, and rich medium to full body. Colombia is the world's second-largest coffee producer and is famous for consistently producing fine Colombian Supremo Coffee.


  • Fairtrade Certified
  • Kosher Certified

Flavor Notes: Bittersweet, Chocolate, Caramel, and Hints of Orange

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Medium Roast

Additional Information:

  • Drying: Patio Process
  • Farm: Various Smallholder Farms
  • pH: 5.2
  • Single Origin Coffee: Grown at 1,650 - 1,800 meters in volcanic ash
  • Similar Products: Colombian Supremo is also available in Decaf Coffee.
  • Region: Bucaramanga

Colombian Coffee History

While there are quite a few different accounts of how coffee arrived in Colombia, most experts seem to agree that sometime in the early 18th century Jesuit priests brought the crop into the country. By the late 19th century, coffee had become fully commercial in Colombia, and in 1912 coffee made up 50% of Colombia’s total exports. To this day, Colombian coffee remains one of the most prominent cash crops of Colombia, with a wide variety of flavor profiles and techniques that makes the country one of the most unique in terms of single origin coffee.

Colombia’s wonderful year-round climate and abundance of volcanic mountains made it the optimal geographic location for the plants to flourish. As these trees began to yield fruit, people began to harvest the cherries for their coffee beans, resulting in the delicious Colombian Supremo Coffee. During harvest, the beans undergo a slow maturation cycle, which directly results in a very flavorful and unique coffee.

More so than most other coffee-producing countries, Colombia realized early on the important trend of differentiating their country’s coffee by creating branding. With that, in 1958 the brand image of Colombia Supremo coffee became that of Juan Valdez, who became eponymous with Colombian coffee worldwide. The brand image of Juan Valdez and his mule symbolically donned both green and roasted Colombia coffee bags and became the primary form of advertisement for years to come.

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No other organization has been as pivotal in the marketing and growth of Colombian coffee than that of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), which has for the better part of the past century been involved deeply with the financing, development, and championing of Colombia’s coffee. Not only does the FNC provide much needed loans and financial backing for over 500,000 of its members, but the organization is unique within the coffee-producing world for also being hands-on within small-holder coffee-growing communities by funding road infrastructure, school, and hospitals.

As a way to further promote Colombia’s coffee, the FNC developed the grading system of Colombia coffee to differentiate ‘Supremo’ and ‘Excelso’ coffees, which are unique to Colombia alone. The two terms relate to the green coffee beans size, in which Colombia Supremo coffee is the largest screen sized coffee. We source our Colombia Supremo coffee from various small-holder farmers that displays a focus on quality and sustainability.

Colombia Supremo Coffee Processing

Coffee in Colombia is handpicked from coffee trees and brought to wet mill processing stations. It is at these stations that coffees are typically sorted to determine their grade. Once all the ‘Supremo’ graded coffee is fully sorted, it then goes through a vigorous de-pulping machine to remove the outer layers of the coffee cherry.

After undergoing this process, Colombian Supremo Coffee is fermented to enhance its distinct characteristics. Twenty-four hours later, the coffee beans are washed with water to remove any impurities. This critical step is what sets apart authentic Colombian Supremo Coffee from other nationalities of coffee, and even Colombia ‘Excelso’ coffee.

Once washed, the Colombian Supremo Coffee beans are left under the sun until they are completely dry. During nights or rainy days, the beans are covered to ensure that they retain their characteristic aroma and taste. Through delicate processes and meticulous attention to detail, the seeds and trees once brought to Colombia have developed into producing the excellent coffee now known as Colombian Supremo Coffee.

Taste Profile of Colombia Supremo Coffee

Colombia Supremo coffee, while a term that mostly relates to the size of the coffee bean, is oftentimes connotated with a sense of quality. That is why we have roasted our Colombia Supremo coffee to a nice full city+ roast profile that brings out a robust, fully-developed character known for notes of bittersweet baker’s chocolate and a nice, smooth caramel finish that will fully coat your palate.

Our Colombia Supremo coffee is heavy with an impactful body that is distinctive and pronounced. While there’s not much acidity in our Colombia Supremo coffee, it does display hints of a nutty mouthfeel that is delightful and spontaneous. Whether it’s your go-to morning coffee, or a post-dessert coffee to round off the night, we believe you’ll absolutely love our Colombia Supremo coffee for its unequivocal quality and definition.

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