Costa Rica Coffee, Finca Las Mercedes, Natural Process

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Finca Las Mercedes is located in the heart of Costa Rica, near the lush mountains of Tarrazu where some of the best coffees in the world are grown and picked with love and care. As third-generation farmers, Mela Gamboa and Luis Rojas take special care to develop rich, natural flavors at Finca Las Mercedes.

The natural processing of the coffee cherry entails leaving the cherry’s skin on before de-pulping begins. This allows the coffee beans inside to soak all the rich, flavorful nutrients, while also naturally fermenting as the sugars within the cherries’ skin breaks down the enzymes within the mucilage of the coffee cherry. The end result is a bright, fruit-forward cup that packs plenty of flavor into a small bean.

Certifications: Direct Trade

Flavor Notes: Pineapple Blackberry Jam, Sweet Tea, and Peach Candy

Processing: Natural Process

Roast: Light Roast

Additional Information:

  • Drying: Patio
  • Farm: Las Mercedes Coffee Farm
  • pH: TBD
  • Similar Products: Available in Washed Process
  • Single Origin Coffee: Grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil


Costa Rica Coffee Natural Process

Costa Rica Natural Process Coffee is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly, which gives it a rich and hearty flavor. This coffee is dried inside the cherry pod to give it a brighter sweetness and acidity. Costa Rica Coffee from the mountains in Tarrazu is known as one of the world's finest coffees and the Costa Rica Natural Process Coffee is a unique offering

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