Komodo Dragon Coffee - 100% Pure

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Komodo Dragon Coffee is another fine coffee from Indonesia close to the island of Sumatra. This is 100% pure unlike the Komodo Dragon Blends you will find at coffee chains that contain only a small percentage of this rare coffee. 

  • Low Acidity
  • Medium roast

CUP NOTES: Sweet chocolate, floral and woody notes. Very earthy and smooth. Background smokiness that makes for a distinctive cup. Mouth coating body and chocolaty texture.

COFFEE PROCESSING: Wet hull processing, also called semi-washed. Beans are de-pulped and while covered with mucillage are partially fermented and dried. Drying is on raised African beds so that the coffee does not contact the soil but is exposed to the air. The beans are then hulled, or milled, while moist and the balance of drying is later continued which produces deep green and blue color. This method also causes a heavy body with low acid content.

Komodo Dragon Coffees  Farmed on the  small Indonesian island called Flores that is 200 miles east of Bali. Named after the Komodo dragon which are the world's largest lizards that roam wild. The Flores Island is rugged terrain with volcanoes and mountains elevations as high 8,000 feet. The volcanic soils create an ideal fertile condition for this exotic coffee known as the Komodo Dragon Coffee.

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