Los Angeles Light Roast Espresso



Los Angeles Light Roast Espresso is our modern espresso inspired by the city of Los Angeles, California. This blend of Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia Natural brings flavors notes of lemon, honey, and berries with a smooth nutty finish. A light roast espresso that is excellent should you have a super-automatic espresso machine. 

Certifications: Kosher Certified

Flavor Notes: lemon, honey, and berries with a smooth nutty finish

Processing: Washed Process

Roast: Light Roast

Los Angeles Light Roast Espresso Details

Light vs. Dark Espresso

Our Los Angeles Espresso is known as a light roast espresso, which is to say that it isn’t roasted to 2nd crack and beyond. For the vast majority of espresso’s history, the coffee had typically been roasted quite dark. How dark, you may be wondering?

Since espresso’s invention in Italy a little over 100 years ago, espresso has been roasted longer and darker due to the brewing process applying a lot of atmospheric pressure to a compact “puck” of finely ground coffee that produces a thick, viscous brew that’s usually around 2-4oz. and packs quite the punch. Previous espresso machines benefited from coffees being roasted darker because the beans were made much more porous and easier for the pressurized water to shoot past through the espresso puck.

Another reason why espresso was roasted for longer periods and to darker temperatures was that it was significantly more difficult to control the roast profile of coffee back in the day so in order to consistently tone down the acidity and balance out the body of espresso in the olden days was by roasting it dark to bring out a denser, slightly sweet cup with a thick crema on top.

Before long, it became written into espresso’s edict that it be roasted dark, and customers became accustomed to a darker roasted espresso. But as coffee roasting has advanced and developed in the past 20 years or so, more and more coffee companies have experimented and created lighter roasted espresso.

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Built on decades of trial and error and research, light roast espresso can now retain the same level of sweetness and complexity of previous darker roasted versions without becoming overwhelmed with acidity.

The main distinctions between dark and light roast espresso are temperature, acidity, and body. Light roast espresso, including our very own Los Angeles Espresso, has a nice, crisp acidity reminiscent of ripe green apples, with a sweet, balanced body that is very distinctive and packed with plenty of floral aromas with fruity, acidic notes.

Taste Nuances in Light Roast Espresso

Our proprietary blend of Los Angeles Espresso is a light roast espresso composed of beans from Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia, all of which come together in this delightful blend of flavors that really pops in your palate.

Our light roast espresso goes great with any milk and sweetener of your choice, or if you enjoy your espresso straight-up, that works too! Explore the wonders of our Los Angeles Light Roast Espresso to experience the explosion of flavors that will wash over your tongue, with notes of blackberries swimming in a pool of honey with a nice lemon wedge accent.

We roast our Los Angeles Light Roast Espresso to a nice light city roast that brings out all the different flavors each origin brings to the cup. We continuously strive to ensure that our light espresso’s origin coffees are not overwhelmed by one another, but rather each plays an intricate role in developing a rich, luscious cup of wonderful light roast espresso that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.

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