Colombia Private Estate Coffee, Finca La Pradera Oscar Daza, Wine Yeast



We are proud to present this Private Estate coffee produced by Oscar Daza, nicknamed 'Castillo Honey Wine Yeast'. Grown at high altitudes on Hacienda La Pradera, this coffee underwent dry anaerobic fermentation for a period of 72 hours, during which the pulp was kept intact and passion fruit pulp and yeast were added. The cherries were then pulped and dried on raised beds, where passion fruit pulp was placed among them until the ideal moisture content was achieved. At 88.25 SCAA, each cup delivers notes of passion fruit, pineapple, cocoa, and sugar cane. Available only in a 3 oz size.

Farm: Finca la Pradera

Farmer: Oscar Daza

Varietal: Castillo

    Flavor Notes: Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Cocoa, and Sugar Cane

    Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation

    Drying: Raised Beds

    Roast: Light Roast

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