Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy

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Full and rich Kona flavor from the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee is very flavorful and full-bodied, a rich coffee with a mellow straightforward character. A delicious taste that is low in acid with a heady aroma and a complex rich and winy taste. X-Fancy crop is in a very limited supply this year.

  • Extra Fancy (The Highest Kona Grade) Certified by the State of Hawaii
  • Medium roast
  • Shade grown

CUP NOTES: Balanced cup with silky body, hints of island acidity.

FLAVOR NOTES: Lively floral fruity notes with a hint of jasmine. Nice bright citrus/tart cherry tone mixed with a sweeter caramel and slightly nutty undertone.

COFFEE PROCESSING: natural method, coffee is dried inside the whole fruit

DRYING: Dry milled Hawaiian Kona Coffee


Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Kona Coffee is made up of smaller gourmet coffee beans than other gourmet coffee varieties and has a very rich taste. This is 100% pure Kona X-Fancy Coffee not to be confused with other misleading brands that pretend to be pure but are actually "Kona Blends." Hawaiian Kona Coffee is grown on the dark volcanic lava rock slopes of Kona, a district for which it gets its name from, located on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Coffee grown in Kona is special because of the magical diurnal cycle of bright sunny mornings, humid rainy afternoons, and mild nights create perfect growing conditions for exotic plants to flourish. The trees thrive on the volcanic rocky land, and mild frost-free temperatures. The Kona Coast has rich volcanic soils, almost always-sunny mornings and cloud covered afternoons with showers. For years Hawaiian Kona coffee growers have recognized this area in all the islands as being a perfect growing condition for gourmet coffee beans. Located on the Kona Hawaiian coast, at an ideal 1,500 to 2,000 feet above sea level. These conditions produce a sweet flavor that is low in bitter acids due to the mild year round climate and protection from hot afternoon sunlight. The Kona district is to coffee as Napa valley is to wine.

The Hawaiian Kona coffee trees are protected from strong winds and excessive sun by two volcanoes, the active Mauna Loa volcano and the neighboring extinct Mauna Kea volcano. The soil actually consists of broken chunks of well-packed volcanic lava. The mild weather provides continual gentle rainfall, bright sunny mornings and a cool mist that rolls in from the sea every afternoon. The volcanic soil drains water more efficiently than other soils feeding the coffee trees but not excessively soaking them. These unique growing conditions not only give to the rich flavor to this fine gourmet coffee but also, for reasons that can not be explained by scientists, keep the Hawaiian Kona coffee plants free from disease. Another advantage is the yield per acre is much greater than other coffee growing areas. Though the amount of acreage devoted to coffee production is small the yield per acre is three to four times that amount of coffee beans that are produced on Latin American coffee farm. Coffee trees typically bloom after Kona's dry winters and are harvested in autumn. Coffee cultivated in the North and South districts of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is the only coffee that can truly be called Kona Coffee. Produced on family run farms since the turn of the century, Kona coffee beans are hand picked and sorted to ensure its superior tastes and unique quality. What are Kona "Extra Fancy" Beans? The Kona “Extra Fancy” designation is the highest quality of bean from the island that has 8 different classifications. The grading of the Kona beans is determined by qualities such as rarity and size of the bean. With Extra Fancy as the highest, Fancy is second, No. 1 is third (I know, why did they decide to name No. 1 as 3rd place!) and Select is fourth. Any grade below the third should be avoided due to the high defect rate.The Extra Fancy beans are the most celebrated for their large size, low bean defect and uniform color. They are the highest quality of Kona Coffee beans and at a premium price. Pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee When shopping to buy Kona coffee check the label and package description. Most Kona coffees are not 100% pure Hawaiian Kona coffee but are actually a Kona blend. Kona coffee blend means may only contain 1-10% pure Kona coffee beans. Most of the Hawaiian Kona coffee that is sold is actually a blend with mystery beans from Africa, Central or South America, or Southeast Asia. State and Federal labeling laws demand a full disclosure of origin, but this is often ignored.

Most Kona coffee drinkers around the world have no idea that what they are drinking is a coffee containing 95% or more of something other than pure Kona coffee. This misrepresentation has kept consumers from fully appreciating and enjoying the rich and mellow flavor from this world-class coffee. If you want the great taste of pure Kona, buy only from reputable suppliers with direct connections with the actual Hawaiian Kona coffee farms. You will be amazed to find out what you have been missing when you get a taste of the real thing! Buy Kona Coffee from Volcanica Coffee and experience the taste that connoisseurs have been raving about. You can be assured that Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy is 100% pure without any blends from any other sources.

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Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy
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