Guatemala Geisha Coffee, Single Origin

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Geisha Coffee from Guatemala

is an Ethiopian wild coffee origin that is ancient and a very rare and fine coffee. This is a single-origin from Nueva Granada coffee farm located in San Marcos, Guatemala where plants grow in an altitude of 5,000 ft.

The farm is situated between two volcanos, the Tacana and Tajumulco and Tacana rich in volcanic soil. The taste of Guatemalan Geisha Coffee can be described as chocolatey and nutty overtones with low acidity. A limited crop each year. Rainforest Alliance Certified Medium roast Roasted on demand

CUP NOTES: Crisp, elegantly sweet-savory. Baker’s chocolate, lemon blossom, fine musk, dried peach, almond in aroma and cup. Full body, low acidity

FLAVOR NOTES: Chocolatey and nutty overtones, low acidity


What is a Geisha Coffee Variety? The name Geisha comes from the Ethiopian town of Gesha where the coffee plant originated. Geisha Coffee is different in appearance, is naturally resistant to some diseases and the beans are long and slender. Geisha Coffee has about 30% less caffeine than most other coffees. The crop yield of the Geisha Coffee plant is extremely low which is why is so difficult to find commercial plantations and production of this coffee. There are different varieties of Geisha Coffees since they are the plant seedlings that are from the original plant seedling in Ethiopia that have been exported. Geisha Coffee varieties can also be found in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Peru. The local coffee plantations give it a unique characteristic and flavor. Geisha Coffee is often times misspelled with people sometimes naming it as gesha coffee, guisha coffee and geesha coffee. However people spelling we know one thing, this is a remarkable coffee.

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Guatemala Geisha Coffee, Single Origin
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