Cameroon Coffee

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Cameroon Coffee "Boyo" is grown in dark, nutrient-rich volcanic soil at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet. This family-owned estate boasts daily doses of brilliant sunshine, allowing the coffee berries to attain their optimal sugar content quickly. This is the secret to the aromatic, mellow, and rich, full-bodied Cameroon Boyo Coffee. Everything is processed by hand to ensure each bean is picked at the right ripening.

This is the secret to this mellow, aromatic, and rich, full-bodied Boyo Coffee. The owner of this estate is an amazing person; she tells how everything is processed by hand on her estate to ensure each bean is picked at the right ripening. She described the farmers carrying bags of heavyweight coffee on their heads to transport from the side of the estate to the other. It is amazing to hear stores about their family's estate operations.

  • Medium Roast
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