Stainless Steel Coffee Canister, Large 58 fl. oz

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The stainless steel coffee canister was designed to keep coffee fresh. With a unique CO2 release valve, the coffee storage system offers an innovative way to maintain freshly roasted Volcanica Coffee. This will preserve the flavor, aroma, and potency of the coffee. 

  • Flavor Savor: Quality coffee deserves to be preserved until it is ready to drink. Keep it in the stainless steel canister without compromising taste and freshness.
  • Freshness In, Moisture Out: The coffee canister features a locking airtight lid to prevent moisture, light and CO2 from entering that deteriorates coffee. This canister keeps these enemies away to preserve for the best cup of coffee.
  • Track Freshness: The lid can track the coffee purchase or expiration date to help identify the freshest beans.
  • Store Right, Airtight: Holds 1 lb. of coffee or 58 fluid ounces.Provides gourmet coffee with a beautiful, affordable and safe storage for the perfect brew.

 Canister Dimensions: 7.5" Height x 5" Wide

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Stainless Steel Coffee Canister, Large 58 fl. oz
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