Coffee Tea Gift Baskets

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Coffee Tea Gift Baskets

A coffee tea gift basket is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Each gourmet coffee gift basket contains nice treats such as a Wicked Jacks Tavern Rum Cake, an assortment of Fine Teas, two Biscotti’s and two chocolate spoons in a beautiful basket wrapped in cellophane and ribbons. Each coffee gift basket includes 16 oz bags of each of the following fine Volcanica Coffees:

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Sulawesi Coffee
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
  • Costa Rican Reserve Coffee

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Coffee Tea Gift Baskets with 100% Customer Satisfaction

Coffee Tea Gift Baskets

A gift basket is one of the best ways to enjoy an array of gourmet coffee and fine tea. A decadent rum cake that accompanies the gift basket can be shared, or better yet, kept all for oneself.

The Best of Gourmet Coffee

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. What better way is there to add some diversity to a coffee aficionado's life than with an assortment of the finest coffees from all around the world? It's easier to choose a favorite coffee when our coffee tea gift baskets are involved. This is because each pack contains four of the best coffees anyone could ever hope to enjoy.

To add to the merriment, each basket is accompanied by a luscious rum cake as well as assorted fine teas and biscotti for your refined pleasure. The accompanying chocolate spoons are surely irresistible to the young at heart or anyone who loves chocolate.

We use nothing but the best and finest single estate Arabica beans when it comes to our coffee. All selections are 100% composed of Arabica beans and there is absolutely no mixing with Robusta beans or other beans of inferior quality. Volcanica doesn't believe in using fillers, even when it comes to coffee tea gift baskets, something that connoisseurs surely can appreciate.

Every possible care is taken to make certain that coffee is delivered to customers in its freshest state. This means freshly roasting coffee beans and then sealing the bags with one-way valves to maintain freshness and flavor even during shipping and storage. It may cost a bit more but the proof is in the pudding, or the cuppa, as the case may be here. Every pack of coffee in our coffee tea gift basket comes in large 16 oz. sizes, making it an excellent way to try out our finest coffees.

Globetrotting with an Exotic Coffee Tea Gift Basket

The town of San Marcos in the mountainous Tarrazu region in Costa Rica is the only locale that is allowed to label its coffee as Costa Rican Reserve. Farmers take pride in the knowing their coffee, which ripens slowly in the cooler weather, produces an unusually soft but assertive, well-rounded brew. Possessed of a well-balanced acidity and full-bodied richness, Costa Rican Reserve surely deserves its place in any coffee tea gift basket.

Sometimes also known as Celebes Kalossi, Sulawesi coffee is grown on the Celebes Islands in Indonesia. Aficionados speculate that the region, located in the Ring of Fire, plays a large part in the development if a coffee that is known for its heavy body, mild acidity and an earthy, intense flavor that allows some chocolate endnotes to peek through. While being somewhat similar to a Sumatra Mandheling, the coffee gourmet browsing through coffee tea gift baskets that include this coffee can expect a lighter, more distinguished brew from the Sulawesi.

Often times better known for its laidback Caribbean culture, Jamaica has established its place on the world map of gourmet coffee by producing one of the most in-demand, premium coffees in the world. With its clean, mild taste and intense, deep flavor, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee would never be out of place in any coffee tea gift basket. The Blue Mountain range is one of the tallest in the region and its climate, rainfall patterns and soil type lend themselves easily to the cultivation of the Rolls Royce of gourmet coffees.

Among some of the more distinctive exotic gourmet coffees one can find is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. Originating from the plains of Ethiopia, where coffee was first brewed, the fruit are unusual in the sense that the harvest largely comes from coffee plants that grow in the wild. As such, the flavors and aromas of the year's crop can be wildly different from the previous one. Those who buy coffee tea gift baskets containing this coffee can look forward to a rich-bodied coffee with an agreeable acidity accompanied by an earthy aroma. Its top notes run the gamut from lavender to strawberry with the endnotes or undertones being reminiscent of wine or figs.

With the exception of Costa Rica Reserve, which is a dark roast coffee, the coffee you get when you buy coffee tea gift baskets from Volcanica are medium roast. We find that the medium roast allows more of the bean's 'origin flavor' to shined through, resulting in a slightly sweet, but well-balanced cup in terms of aroma, acidity and flavor profile. A dark roast, however, as carried out of the Costa Rican Reserve, means that the beans are roasted till the oils rise to the surface, creating a sheen that covers the beans. Dark roasted beans can taste somewhat spicy and possess a heavier body. The origin flavor is less evident here, while the flavors and aromas of the roast itself stand out more prominently.

Fine Teas for Refined Tastes for your Coffee Tea Gift Baskets

We certainly wouldn't want to distract you from the amazing range of single estate coffees here, but we can't help but include an assortment of fine teas when you buy our coffee tea gift baskets. Tea has been said to confer a wide variety of medical health benefits, some of which include possible prevention of the occurrence of arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and even the flu.

It would be wrong for us to deny you your daily dose of flavonoids contributed by the antioxidants contained in tea. Additionally, the caffeine content of a cup of tea is a third of that contained in the same amount of coffee. Thus, it may prove to be a nice change from the rich flavor of a good cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Wicked Jack's Tavern Rum Cake in Your Coffee Tea Gift Basket

Even if you get seasick at the mere sight of seawater, you can still enjoy the magnificent rum-soaked flavor of Wicked Jack's legacy. Named in tribute of the mysterious tavern proprietor in the town of Port Royal, Jamaica, this rum cake, included in each coffee tea gift basket, is unbelievably moist, rich and delicious. Its lavish taste is prefect complement to a cup of one of Volcanica's exotic premium gourmet coffees. As they say down at the tavern, there's no rum better than Jamaican rum and no rum cake better than Wicked Jack's Tavern. These decadent cakes would be the perfect way to end a dinner party if only you could bring yourself to share a slice. There's nothing like having a cake all by yourself with only a good cup of Volcanica coffee to keep you company.

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